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Other podcasts about podcasting (not ours)

These are some really great shows – about podcasting. We highly recommend you learn all you can by listening to these great show!


The School of Podcasting with Dave Jackson

Dave has been podcasting since before the “DIY” methods most of us are used to using. Back in the day he had to understand things like “enclosures” and the creation of RSS feeds. He’s got lots of experience and tons of knowledge that he generously shares every week on his show. He’s got a ton of training materials on his site and other shows about podcasting he does as well – like The Podcast Review Show and Ask the Podcast Coach – a lived show he does weekly. Don”t miss out on the great benefits Dave has to pass your way.

You can subscribe to the School of Podcasting Here.


The Podcast Engineering Show

Chris Curran is a skilled and experienced audio engineer who our founder, Carey has met online. His show is an incredibly deep-dive into the things that make for great audio. He gets into workflows, technical settings, equipment, etc. It’s for those who truly enjoy the audio part of the audio industry. You might even see Chris as major media events like Podcast Movement doing his “microphone comparison” booth in the exhibit hall. If you do, go say ‘Hi.” He doesn’t bite.

You can subscribe to The Podcast Engineering Show, here.

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