Are you using Zoom, Riverside, Squadcast, or Zencastr to record your podcast?

Then you likely have VIDEO content sitting in your account that you may not be using.

And if you ARE using it… are you getting the most out of it?

There are so many ways to effectively use video versions of your podcast episodes…


  • Teaser videos to share on social media (there are usually 4 to 5 great ones in each episode)
  • Full episode video versions to publish on YouTube, Odysee, DailyMotion, Vimeo, and other video platforms
  • “Quick Tip” segments to demonstrate expertise in Sales Enablement workflows and client resources
  • And the list goes on…
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TWO KINDS of video services we offer...

Full Episode Edits

Full episode video editing to create a new audience of subscribers and followers

  • Publish your episodes in an entirely different format (video)
  • Develop a video audience that is entirely different from your audio audience
  • Repurpose existing video interviews to a different audience

Teaser or Quick Tip Videos

“Teaser” or “Quick Tip” video edits for promotion, sales enablement, or social

  • Each episode typically has 3 to 5 great clips to use
  • We can create as many clips per episode as you want
  • These teasers are great ways to point people to your podcast
  • We work with you to create branded templates & resources

BOTH video editing packages can include...

“Lower Thirds” added

video editing - lower thirds example - PPW (1)

Text or image overlays added


Custom intros, outros, & transitions

Animated “subscribe” calls to action

FAQ: Podcast Video Editing

Do I publish the videos the same day as my podcast?

Actually, we recommend you DON’T try to publish the content on the same day. Since you’re serving TWO audiences (one audio, one video) they typically won’t be concerned that there’s a difference in publication dates.

What is your turnaround time for video editing?

Video editing takes a good deal more time than audio editing, so we ask clients to deliver their video content to us 10 days before publication. This allows us plenty of time to deal with the technical issues that often arise when rendering and delivering video.

Do you create the video intros, outros, and transitions for me?

We can do so, with your direction. That service is a one-time $199 cost. Then we include the same intro, outro, or transitions in every video we edit for you. If you want to make a change at any time, we can help you get new video resources for those spots in your episode.

If you have your own resource for getting those assets created, we can use whatever you have (at no extra cost).

Who selects the teasers from my episode videos?

Our video editors have a great sense of what makes a great teaser, so we are happy to save you the time figuring out what section to use for a teaser, by doing it for you.

But if you give us the time stamps for sections of the video you’d like us to edit down into a teaser, we are happy to take your direction on that (and we have great systems that enable you to communicate it to us easily).

How do I deliver my content to you? (video files are BIG)

We can do this a couple of ways…

(1) You drop it into our time-tested Google Drive delivery system — but you’ll have to be sure to let the files sync completely.

(2) If you provide us login access to your recording platform (Squadcast, Riverside, Zencastr, or Zoom) we can login and download your video into our system when you give us the go-ahead to start your video editing for that episode.


Get your podcast repurposed into video format now!

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