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When I say “capture your listener’s hearts,” what do I mean?


  • Building a fan-base (think of those crazy Beatles Groupies from the 60s and 70s)

You don’t want it to be all about YOU like that, but you DO want that kind of enthusiasm expressed by your listeners. Why? Because THAT is what is required for them to tell others about your show. Savvy?

  • Providing CONTENT your listeners truly care about

Anybody can interview anybody else — but the question that matters is, “DOES IT PROVIDE SOMETHING VALUABLE TO THOSE WHO LISTEN?” I propose that at least 85% of what’s produced as “interview” content does NOT provide anything more than entertainment value. That’s important, but it’s likely not ALL you’re trying to do. Am I right?

So what will it take for you to create content that TRULY MATTERS to your listeners? You’ve got to answer that question if you’re going to build a fan-base of listeners.


  • Empowering your audience to TRUST you

Did you notice how I phrased that? It’s up to YOU whether or not your audience trusts you. Really, it is. YOU are the one who can do the research necessary to provide truth-based, helpful content to them. YOU are the one who can work hard at your communication skills to make sure you’re passing that information along in an enjoyable, engaging manner. YOU are the one who can do the hard work needed to hone your interviewing skills to draw great content out of your guests.

YOU are the one, nobody else.


  • THAT kind of trust is what opens the key to your listener’s hearts.

And once you do, almost-magical things begin to happen…

=> The appreciation your audience feels carrys over into their willingness to spread the word about your podcast

=> They become more willing to support you in your own promotions and engagment efforts

=> They begin to provide feedback that helps you make the show even better (getting you outside of your own head)

=> They buy your stuff (books, courses, swag, affiliate products, etc.)

=> They enthusiastically sign up for events, meet-ups, membership groups, etc. that you organize

=> Some of them even become friends

All of that because you have build trust with the, which means you’ve genuinely helped them, in ways that matter to them!

Listen to this episode to get the full skinny on how to build that kind of trust that unlocks your listener’s hearts.


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