If you want people to find your podcast, you have to do the work (typically only once) to ensure it is listed in all the directories listeners use to find podcasts.

In my experience, it’s the #2 way people find new podcasts to listen to.

If you’re wondering what the #1 way is, it’s recommendations from a friend.

There are many, many, MANY audio directories out there where you can submit your show.

Some are built for podcasting (like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc.) and others are not. But regardless, if you can get your podcast in front of a new group of eyes, it’s worth doing.

Below is my 2021 list of podcast directories to submit to — with step by step instructions for each…

But a FEW things you need to know about this list…

#1 – This list does NOT include sites or apps that pull directly from iTunes/Apple Podcasts itself. If your show is already IN the Apple directory you’ll automatically be included in those directories or apps. This includes MOST IOS or Android podcast apps. Most, but not all. 🙂

#2 – This list does NOT include directories or services that will modify your RSS feed or the contents of your podcast in any way, including the insertion of advertisements, compression of your audio files, etc. 



1. Add My Podcast

This is an odd little directory. I’m actually not sure it IS a directory.

It says…

Add My Podcast was created to simplify the process for podcast creators to get their podcast listed in different podcast directories.

So… while I’m not exactly sure where it lists your show, it may turn out that it’s an all-in-one option that shortcuts some of what you’ll find below. But to date, I haven’t been able to confirm that.

How to submit your show

2. Amazon Flash Briefing (Amazon Alexa Skill)

Amazon’s “Flash Briefing” is really created to provide news updates and summaries. But if you have a short podcast (like my 6-minute daily devotional podcast), a Flash Briefing may be a great option for you.

But to set up a Flash Briefing, you’ll have a bit of work to do.

BEST PRACTICE TIP: DO NOT create a Flash Briefing that includes your ENTIRE podcast episodes if they are over 5 to 10 minutes long.

Flash Briefings are meant to be short, easy-to-digest morsels of audio goodness. The Amazon website that provides instructions for how to create your own “skill” (the power behind the Flash Briefing) says this…

You can create a Flash Briefing skill to provide Alexa customers with news headlines and other short content. Typically a flash briefing becomes a part of a customer’s daily routine.

Amazon Flash Briefing Instructions

How Flash Briefings Work

One of my podcasts is the 6-minute “Morning Mindset” podcast I mentioned. I’ve created a Flash Briefing version of it because it’s a daily, morning publication podcast that is ideal for just this sort of application.

If you search your Alexa app for new skills, or do so here, you could find my “Morning Mindset” — Right now it’s the top result returned for that keyword phrase.

Once subscribed, you can speak to your little Alexa tube thingie like this, “Alexa, play my flash briefing” – and my Morning Mindset (among other flash briefings you’ve subscribed to) will begin to play.

How to create your own flash briefing

As I mentioned at the beginning of this section – there’s quite a bit of work to creating a Flash Briefing Skill – but you can read all about it and actually get it done by following the helpful instructions here.

Amazon Music/Audible

You may know… Amazon’s entry into the podcast-o-sphere a few years ago happened with a BANG and they are doing a great job making podcasts accessible to more people.

But, the user experience still lacks a lot. But it’s something… and will no doubt get better.

Here’s how to submit your show to Amazon:

  • Go to this page.
  • Click on the “Add or Claim Your Podcast” button on the left-hand side.
  • Login using your Amazon credentials, or set up a new account.
  • Paste your Podcast RSS feed into the provided field, click the “submit” button
  • Watch your email for a confirmation email. Click the confirmation button and you’re all set!

Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes, sort of)

Submit your podcast to the Apple Podcasts podcast directory

As mentioned previously… many independent podcast apps pull their data FROM Apple Podcasts, so it’s not only wise, it’s almost essential to be listed in Apple Podcasts.

How to get listed in Apple Podcasts:

  • Your show needs to have at least one episode published and be “published” or “live” on your media host account
  • All of your show details need to be completed (usually found on the “show settings” section of your media host account)
  • And if your cover art is over 500kb in size, you’ll likely have problems (you can reduce the size by using a tool like this – https://www.reduceimages.com/ )

To submit

It typically takes 6 hours to 48 hours to receive an email response, letting you know that your show has been approved. During the holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas in the US especially), it may take a bit longer.

AND – here in the later part of 2021, Apple’s stuff has been super glitchy. I have one show I submitted that has been a MONTH in the approval process… and the Apple Support links are broken.

SIGH… great help from the 800-pound gorilla, huh?


Audacy is the new (as of 2021) name for what used to be Entercom Communications (parent company of Cadence 13 and Pineapple Street Media.

The name “Audacy” now replaces what used to be Radio.com — so welcome to the ever-changing world of podcasting!

The submission process for Audacy is pretty simple, all you need to do is go to this page and fill out the form with the proper stuff.

Blubrry Podcast Directory

Submit your podcast to the Blubrry podcast directory

Blubrry is a podcast hosting company, plugin and tech company, and all sorts of other podcasting-related stuff. You might know it from the PowerPress plugin used on many WordPress sites.

However, they have a pretty impressive podcast directory too.

Here’s what they say about it…

Our main goal is to offer additional distribution points that otherwise are not available to podcasters. With this philosophy, we believe the Blubrry Podcast Directory fills the void where iTunes and podcasting is otherwise unavailable.

Blubrry website description

THAT is why the Blubrry podcast directory is significant in my mind.

Some of the places the Blubrry directory can list your show are…

  • Android

So, how do you get your show into the Blubrry podcast directory?

Submit your show to the Blubrry directory


Bullhorn is fairly new on the scene but is growing all the time.

It’s a listening platform, podcast monetization platform, and lots of other things.

To get your show submitted to Bullhorn.fm

  • Go to this page, and click “claim/submit”.
  • Search your podcast’s RSS feed. If your podcast is not already added to their library, they will add it once you search it.


Deezer is not exactly a podcast directory – it’s a bit more.

If you were to subscribe to Deezer using its app, you’d mostly be listening to music, but it has added podcasts as well. And it uses some sort of fancy schmancy algorithm to “curate” content for you and make recommendations.

It’s worth a shot to see if you can get your podcast included. Who knows who is listening to stuff on Deezer who might become your next big super fan?

Submit your show using this form. That’s all there is to it.

BUT KNOW THIS: Submitting this form does NOT guarantee you’ll be included in the platform. It’s an application – you’re asking to be considered for inclusion, that’s it.


This is a “podcast-only” podcast search engine. SEARCH ENGINE… you know, like Google.

Fydd’s creator has this to say about the project…

Fyyd can do a few things better than Google, because it does nothing but search podcasts. Every podcast has an overview page where you can find the episodes. You can subscribe to the podcast directly from here, without having to search on its page. 

  • Go to this page, enter your RSS feed
  • Click the green button. Wallah, you’re done!


Gaana is fairly new to the podcasting space, but appears to be making a HUGE impact for some podcasters. It’s amazing how quickly downloads in a country across the world begin to happen once you’re submitted to this directory.

To submit to this India-based directory, there are a few steps.

You will have to create an account, verify, and enter some details…

  • Create an account here.
  • They will send you an email. Verify.
  • Log in to Gaana again, and then from there you will have to add your podcast. (Enter your RSS feed as well as other things like podcast language, etc.)
  • Your podcast will appear in their directory once it is reviewed and approved. This will hopefully take 4-5 business days.

Google Assistant Actions

Much like the Alexa Skill Flash Briefing above, you can set up your podcast to play using voice commands on Google Assistant.

DISCLAIMER: I have NOT done this for any of my podcasts yet.


Because it’s amazingly learning-curve intensive. It’s a bit of app development that I’d have to learn and I simply haven’t had the time to devote to it.

So… if you’re into this kind of thing or think it’s a worthwhile thing to do, I recommend you get to it. Or you could hire someone to build it out for you (now THAT’s an idea).

To set up your own Google Assistant Action that plays your podcast via voice commands – go here and get started. There’s an intro video to help you understand what you’re doing. Sort of.

Google Podcasts

When it comes to podcast directories I can’t say Google Podcasts actually qualifies as a directory, per se.

That’s because it’s Google. When you are able to search every bit of conceivable data in the world, podcasts are naturally included.

And the Google Podcasts app pulls FROM Google search – but there ARE ways you can ensure your podcast will show up there easily and without any errors.

How to get your show into the Google Podcasts App

If your show is hosted on Libsyn, Blubrry, or any of the other major media hosting platforms, chances are your show is already in Google Podcasts.

How can you know? Just do a Google search for the exact name of your show. If you find your show listed with actual “play” buttons next to some of your episode titles – you’re there. No need to go any further.

But if you are NOT able to find your show in that format==, you can simply enter the RSS feed, then verify with a code sent to your email. You can do that here.

And to get your show listed in Google Podcasts…

Follow the instructions here.

iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio is a podcasting app and a way to stream internet radio, including events.

In order to submit to iHeart, you will have to go to this page, click “submit your podcast” and login or sign up.

You will then be given the option to add your podcast and submit your RSS feed to submit to iHeart Radio.


To submit to this India-based directory, you will need to complete quite a few steps…

  • Register here.
  • They will send you an email from which you will have to verify your account
  • Agree to the Terms and conditions
  • Enter your RSS feed and any additional details
  • You will then be sent a six digit OTP to the email connected to your RSS feed. Enter the six digits and click “submit podcast”.
  • They will then review your podcast. They say “It might take 8-10 days before your podcast is visible on JioSaavn”.

Submit your podcast to the Listen Notes podcast directoryListen Notes

Listen Notes is a podcast search engine that claims to be “…like Google, but for podcasts.” A self-funded software engineer from San Francisco, Wenbin Fang created the directory and it appears to be working fairly well (the site touts almost 587,000 podcasts listed as of November 2018).

How to get your podcast listed in the Listen Notes directory

  • Go to this submitting page.
  • Enter your podcast’s RSS feed and your email (optional).

That. Is. it.


Did you know that more people use Pandora than use Spotify?

No joke. So how do you get your show into their new directory-that’s-not-really-a-directory-but-more-of-a-recommendation-engine?

First, you have to submit your show using the form here. Be sure to fill out everything.

Then you wait.

From what I understand, a person (not an algorithm) will consider your show for inclusion. In the future, this step may be done away with. But then again, it may not. We simply don’t know.

So get that – your show MAY NOT be included. It’s up to the Pandora-powers-that-be. Perhaps they’ll open their magical box and let you in.

They haven’t let my shows in so far.


Player FM is a multi-platform app for podcasting that even works offline.

You can connect it to your TV. You can access its curated catalogue (not sure exactly HOW its curated) to find niche topics and interesting stuff.

Here’s the submission process for the Player.FM directory.


If you don’t know about Podbean, you’re in for a treat. I have met a person or two who works over there and they are doing some great things for the Podcast-o-sphere.

Podbean IS a media hosting company but they also have their own directory that non-Podbean hosted podcasts can get into. And it’s worth it. I get comments on my show via Podbean quite often.

Here’s how to get your show listed in the Podbean Directory

  • Click this link to create a free account (you can do so by creating a login or using Facebook or Google Plus)
  • Once you do, the page should redirect to the submission page
  • Follow the prompts and your show is added to their podcast directory immediately.

Podcast Addict

This is another of the podcasting apps that MAY pull from Apple Podcasts… but I’m not sure so I’m including it. They offer a manual way of submitting your podcast, so better safe than sorry.

How to add your podcast…

  • Go to this page.
  • Enter your podcast’s RSS feed.

The Podcast Index

This is an interesting project… an attempt to “decentralize” things a bit by making an independent platform from which all podcast feeds can be found.

It’s founders say…

The Podcast Index is here to preserve, protect and extend the open, independent podcasting ecosystem.

To make it a bit simpler… it’s an open source podcast directory that anyone can add to (think “like Wikipedia).

If you have a traditiona media host account, see if they can add you to the Podcast Index. If not…

Email info@podcastindex.org . Include your RSS feed and a short message: “Can you please add my podcast to The Podcast Index?”


PodLP is an app created specifically for KaiOS and the JioPhone. It’s a very small amount of users who use these devices, but they are out there. And again, who knows where your next “superfan” will come from? Maybe PodLP?

To submit to this directory, simply enter your RSS feed here and click SUBMIT PODCAST.


Spotify is a growing destination for podcast consumption – the 2nd highest already and it’s only been listing podcasts for just over two years.

If your podcast is NOT listed in Spotify, it should be. Millennials especially seem to be using it a lot.

There are two ways to get submitted to Spotify.

If your media host provides a way (Libsyn, Blubrry, etc.) then USE THAT WAY. It may come with perks you won’t get by doing it yourself.

And if you HAVE submitted through your media host, DO NOT submit again independently.

But if you’d like to submit your show yourself – you can do so here.


Stitcher is likely the main directory for Android devices, though it is available on IOS devices and PCs as well. Over 65,000 shows are available to stream.

Stitcher’s process is a bit different and a lot the same.

You’ll have to sign up to be what they call a “Content Provider” and then follow a few additional steps, outlined below.

Sign up to submit your podcast to Stitcher

  • Go to the this page
  • Click the “Join” button
  • Fill in all the required info

Submit your podcast to the TuneIn Podcast DirectoryTunein

Tunein is another of those apps that has tons of content, including audiobooks. It’s becoming more and more popular from what I can tell so it’s worth the effort to make sure your show is included in their directory.

How to get your podcast listed in the tunein directory

Others I did NOT want to include in this post…

There are lots of niche-specific directories out there as well as other “general” directories that I didn’t think were high enough quality to warrant taking the time to submit to them.

For niche-specific directories, do a Google search for “your nice podcast directory” and see what comes up. You may need to play around with the wording in your search query, but it should work.

=You can also check out Podcast411. For a long time the site has kept up a list of podcast directories that either do or don’t work. Take your chance on what you find there if you like. IS THIS UPDATED?=

Overall, when it comes to submitting to podcast directories

Take your time.

Maybe do one submission a day.

Or one a week.

In time, you’ll get them all done and have your show out where people can find it.

Thanks for listening/reading.

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