I thought it was about time I did something REALLY helpful and did the research required to tell you exactly – step by step – how to submit your show to every conceivable place you can to increase your podcast’s reach.


On Android
Apple Podcasts
iHeart Radio

I’m talking about Podcast Directories, people!

But the problem is this: every conceivable place is not always the BEST place (in my humble opinion).

Why would I EVEN SAY such a thing?

Two reasons:

#1 – There are many options that require you to use their hosting/advertising/app/whatever-thingie-ma-bobber-they’re-hawking. So unless you are specifically looking for those kinds of opportunities, they’re not much use to you.

#2 – Some of the directories out there don’t appear to be professionally done, which in my mind means it’s likely not truly advantageous for your show to be in them.


THIS episode is a walk through of the many podcast directory-ish places you can list your show that I deemed were worth the time of doing so.

And I should probably ALSO say…

The list and instructions I’m about to share DO NOT contain sites that pull directly from Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes).

Why? – Because if you submit to Apple Podcasts, you’ll automatically be included in those directories or apps.

Which includes MOST IOS or Android podcast apps.

Be it known…

I have done EXACTLY what I’m telling you to do with all 3 of my podcasts. And will be referring BACK to this episode myself to submit all future podcasts I publish.

And before we get too far into this… you can find EVERY directory I mention and the links and processes needed to submit to them, on the show notes page for this episode – www.PodcastFastTrack.com/79 – which is ALSO included in the description of your podcast app or player, in its entirety (as much as I have control over).

And ANOTHER THING… These are in ALPHABETICAL ORDER for your sorting convenience…

That’s enough of that kind of stuff – let’s get to the directories!



Acast podcast directory

Acast is a new app that claims to help podcasters with “discovery” issues (which is debated hotly in podcasting circles), but regardless, it’s a pretty cool and functional app.

It includes 3 targets: Listeners – Podcasters – Advertisers. And it does include a hosting option for podcasters who are looking for something different. You can discover more about Acast at www.acast.com

There are two ways to add your podcast to the Acast directory.


You provide the Acast folks with your RSS feed and they’ll make your show searchable and listenable on their app platform. This means no monetization and no hosting.


In this scenario, Acast hosts your show. Yes, you’d have to leave your current host.

When you do, Acast will provide opportunities to monetize your show (ads or sponsorships) and you’ll have access to the Acast publishing tool and stats.

So… if Acast sounds like a place you’d like to list your podcast – or a partner you might connect with for hosting/monetization.

Submit to the Acast Directory

  • Scroll down to the “Add Your Show” option near the bottom of the page.
  • Choose your adventure (non-hosted, hosted, hosted with a brand new show)
  • Give them the info requested
  • Hit the “send” button
  • Scroll UP on the resulting page to see the confirmation message

That wasn’t too painful, was it?

Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes)

apple podcasts podcast directoryAs you know, iTunes – I mean, Apple Podcasts – is the big dog, 500 pound gorilla, place-to-be when it comes to podcast search. It’s one you definitely want to put high on your priority list.

Many people, including Rob Walch of Libsyn fame (previous guest on my show), says that if your show is not in the Apple Podcast directory you’re really not podcasting.

I don’t know about that – but I do know that if Apple Podcasts is not on your radar – you’ve got the wrong radar.

So get into the directory. Here’s how.

Submitting to Apple Podcasts

Some things you need to know about submitting…

  • Your show needs to have at least one episode published and “live” on your feed
  • Your cover art needs to meet the minimum 1400px X 1400px requirement
  • And if your cover art is over 500kb in size, you’ll likely have problems (you can reduce the size by using a tool like this – https://www.reduceimages.com/ )

To submit

  • Go to Podcasts Connect
  • Click the plus sign at the top of the dashboard
  • Enter your RSS feed URL into the field provided and click the “Validate” button
  • If your feed is OK (no errors) a feed preview will appear
  • Then click the “submit” button

It typically takes the folks at Apple 6 hours to 48 hours to respond via email to let you know that your show has been approved.

The process for submitting a podcast to Apple Podcast changed in the last year or so (it’s now 10/2017) so it’s good that I didn’t teach you how to do this prior to the change.


audio-podcast.fm podcast diretoryNo super cutesy logo to represent this podcast directory, just a generic title at the top of the page. BUT the claims made on the homepage are pretty impressive…

Download from over 6.5 million audio podcast episoded. Choose from over 88 thousand podcasts in one of the largest audio podcast directories worldwide.

I’m not exactly sure HOW to go about verifying that kind of claim. I guess I’ll just have to take their word for it! 😉

I’m not absolutely sure but I suspect this directory does NOT pull from Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes). The reason I think that is because I did a little experiment with my 3 podcasts.

All 3 of my podcasts are listed in Apple podcasts – so I searched for each of them in turn, by name, on Audio-Podcast.fm.

NONE of them came back in the search results.

So I decided to submit them.

Here’s how you can submit your show(s) to Audio-Podcast.fm

If you go to the home page you have to scroll WAYYYY to the bottom of the page and find the TINY LITTLE TEXT LINK at the bottom (see the image).

But if you use the link I provided in the title above, you’ll go right to the submission page.

Here’s what you do…

  • Paste in your RSS feed URL
  • Choose 3 categories for your show
  • Tick the box saying you’re the producer and have read and agree with the terms and conditions (I DARE you to actually read it)
  • Provide your contact email address
  • Enter the infamously-troublesome CAPTCHA code
  • Click the green “Submit your podcast” button

You’ll be taken to a greenish page that promises your show will be reviewed within 24 hours.

The site will also give you the opportunity to embed an icon on your website that links to your podcast on their directory. A clever way to get backlinks from a reputable website like yours, don’t you think?

Blubrry Podcast Directory

blubrry podcast directoryThe good folks at Blubrry are most widely known for their podcast hosting services and the PowerPress plugin used on many WordPress sites.

However, they have a pretty impressive podcast directory too.

Here’s what they say about it…

The creators of Blubrry are podcasters as well, and recognize the importance of other podcast directories including iTunes. Blubrry podcast directory does not try to compete with other directories, our main goal is to offer additional distribution points that otherwise are not available to podcasters. With this philosophy, we believe the Blubrry Podcast Directory fills the void where iTunes and podcasting is otherwise unavailable.

Did you notice that bolded section?

THAT is why the Blubrry directory is significant in my mind. Some of the places the Blubrry directory can list your show are…

  • Android
  • Samsung SmartTV

For just a few examples…

So, how do you get your show into the Blubrry podcast directory? I’m glad you asked 😉

Submit your show to the Blubrry directory

  • Create an account on the Blubrry Platform
  • Once that’s done, add your podcast at this link
  • You’ll be asked for you RSS feed URL
  • You’ll be asked to create a “web friendly” name for your show
  • You’ll be asked to choose one category for your show
  • And you’ll have to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Then you can hit the blue “Submit” button

Not too difficult that can get your podcast onto TV boxes and the like. Well worth the effort.


doubletwist podcast directoryThis one is not exactly a podcasting app or directory. It’s a media player.

BUT, it’s also got a directory you can submit to so that people who use it can easily find your podcast.

I’ve long been recommending to people that they submit to doubleTwist. And it’s an easy process.

How to submit your show to doubleTwist

  • Go to the contact page on the doubleTwist.com website
  • Enter your name
  • Enter your email address
  • In the drop-down for “subject” choose “Request New Podcast”
  • Enter the title of your podcast
  • Enter the CAPTCHA stuff and hit the blue “Submit” button

You’ll get a message that says the following…

They seriously have JEDIS working for them? That’s way cool… 😉

iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio podcast directoryiHeart Radio is a podcasting app and SO MUCH MORE. It’s actually (as the name implies) a way to stream internet radio of all kinds, including events of various sorts.

Here’s the scoop on iHeart Radio. You can’t submit your show to it directly and it does NOT pull from the Apple Podcast ecosystem.

So how do you get into iHeart Radio?

You have to have a relationship with someone (a company) who CAN get you into iHeart Radio.

At this point, I only know of two options.

#1 – Libsyn

If you are a Libsyn user, you’re in – almost. Your show has to be regularly publishing for at least 2 months before you are eligible to be submitted to iHeart Radio.

You also have to be using the Libsyn destination feed functionality to make it work.

Once you’ve been publishing long enough, you’ll see iHeart Radio as an option in the destinations tab.

Click the “Add” button and jump through the hoops.

You can watch Krystal’s great tutorial on how to do it in this video from the Libsyn team

#2 – Spreaker

I have to say right up front that I’m not a Spreaker customer or user so the following instructions could be a bit wonky.

But after researching things this is what I understand you need to do to submit to iHeart Radio through Spreaker…

  • From your show’s settings, go to Spreaker’s Content Management System.
  • Choose your show, and click the yellow EDIT button.
  • Select iHeart in the menu that appears on the left and click the SUBMIT button.

After clicking it, you’ll be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions, and then submit your show to iHeartRadio.

And if you’re a visual type person, here’s a great screencapture-style tutorial of how to do it from the good folks at Spreaker.

So that’s how to use your connections to get into iHeart Radio.

Listen Notes

listen notes podcast directoryI checked out the ListenNotes.com page during October, thus the site had a pumpkin in its logo. Funny. Reminds me of stuff Libsyn does around holidays.


Listen Notes is a fairly new podcast search engine that claims to be “…like Google, but for podcasts.” A self-funded software engineer from San Francisco, Wenbin Fang created the directory and it appears to be working fairly well (the site touts over 380,000 podcasts listed as of October, 2017).

So, it seems beneficial to me to get listed on the directory. Who knows, it could become my #1 means of being discovered!

How to get your podcast listed in the Listen Notes directory

  • Once the page that opens, add your ITUNES URL for the podcast you want to submit (and be sure to copy over the http:// that’s already in the field so you don’t have problems)
  • Enter your email address if you want to be notified when your podcast is added to the directory
  • Click the blue/green-ish “submit” button

That. Is. it.


player fm podcast directoryPlayer FM is a multi-platform app for podcasting that even works offline. You can connect it to your TV. You can access its curated catalogue (not sure exactly HOW its curated) to find niche topics and interesting stuff.

And the app costs nothing. Zilch. Nada. With no ads. There is an upgrade but with a free app this good, there are already tons of subscribers.

But you’re a podcaster… so it would be great for you to get your show in front of all those people.

Here’s the submission process for the Player.FM directory.

That was the easiest thing I’ve done all day.


podbean podcast directoryIf you don’t know about Podbean, you’re in for a treat. I have met a person or two who works over there and they are doing some great things for the Podcast-o-sphere.

Podbean is a podcast publishing service that offers both free and pay-for podcast publishing packages, so if you’re in the market for free check them out. Just keep in mind, free means there are things you might want that you won’t get. 😉

Like any podcasting service or media host, Podbean offers publishing tools, stats, and more. But they also have their own directory, which anyone can get into. The benefit is that anyone who uses the Podbean App would then have access to your show – even though it’s not hosted with Podbean.

Sounds smart to me. And it’s not that difficult.

Here’s how to get your show listed in the Podbean Directory

  • Click this link to create a free account (you can do so by creating a login or using Facebook or Google Plus)
  • Create a Username for yourself
  • The page should redirect to the submission page
  • Enter your RSS feed URL in the space provided (be sure to remove the https:// stuff – Podbean includes it by default
  • Your show is included immediately – yes, I mean immediately. Check out the image below

Wow. Those Podbean folks aren’t playing around!


RadioPublic podcast directoryRadioPublic is both an app and a directory.

It claims to have over 250,000 podcasts listed. That’s impressive. So it appears to me it’s a decent place to get your show listed.

Nothing more to say about it than that – and that they have a pretty snazzy looking submission form – that requires you to enter a lot of stuff other forms don’t.

But, so it is.

Submit your podcast to RadioPublic

  • Visit this page to start filling out the form
  • Enter the name of your podcast
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your RSS feed URL (be sure to copy over the default http:// stuff if you need to
  • Then the form asks for the link to your podcast in iTunes (now Apple Podcasts) – that could be a problem for you if you don’t know how to find it. So here you go…

Search for your podcast in iTunes – then hover over the cover art image and right-click (see below)

Copy the link

So back to the submission instructions…

  • Paste in your iTunes link (again, copy over the http:// if you need to)
  • Type in your website address. If you don’t have a website, it might blow up 😉
  • Answer the question about the best way to order your episodes (interesting)
  • Hit the submit button.

That’s it. A bit long and belabored, but worth it.

I think.

Spotify: It’s possible, but you have to be patient – and it’s not guaranteed

spotify podcast directoryYou’ve likely heard that Spotify is now including podcasts in its listings.

And you’d be absolutely right to think it would be a good thing to get your podcast into their directory of audio resources.

It is a big player when it comes to streaming audio.

As of 2016 Spotify accounted for 40% of all streaming audio subscriptions. Wow, that’s a big bite of the pie!

So, you tell ME – do you want your show to be in Spotify?

That’s what I thought.

Now I have to pause for a moment and thank Todd Cochrane, CEO over at RawVoice, the parent company of Blubrry for making me aware of the fact that Spotify has a way for pod casters to submit their shows.

Thank you Todd. You’re a peach.

So, let’s talk about submitting your show to Spotify…

Before we get too far into this, you need to know there’s a catch. OK, it’s not quite a catch, it’s more of a caveat.

Unlike the other directories or services, the powers-that-be at Spotify make it clear right up front that you can submit your show to them, but that your submission doesn’t guarantee that your show will indeed be chosen for inclusion in Spotify.

So there’s that.

But I think it’s worth a try anyway. Here’s how to do it.

Go to this weblink: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfKJ76t_tPV2jugdX14NeajSfp7EV0hcgjVki1GEGuoeyJvDw/viewform

It’s a Google form. Interesting, I don’t recall another submission process being done with a Google form.

And you’ll notice right away that Spotify is making it clear that your submission may or may not be included in their directory of shows.

The cool thing about this submission process is that you can submit more than one podcast at the same time.

So rather than go through every form I’m just going to tell you that it’s fairly simple to do and it’s definitely worth your time. Should the Spotify authorities deem your podcast worthy enough for inclusion, your show would be exposed to all kinds of potential new listeners.

Submit your podcast to Spreaker – even if you aren’t a Spreaker user

Spreaker podcast directorySpreaker is doing some very interesting things in the podcasting space. Including a pretty cool desktop and mobile app for recording called Spreaker Studio. It’s pretty impressive.

And typically, if you want to be included in the shows listed in the Spreaker App, you need to be a Spreaker customer.

But… I know a way. 🙂

Rob Greenlee is a podcasting veteran – podcasting before podcasting was even a thing. Seriously.

He now works for Spreaker as Head of Content, and he’s been a guest on my podcast (episode 64).

Rob told me he’d be willing to do some “additions” to their directory – to be listed in their Android and IOS Spreaker apps. He calls them “Pass Through Submissions”

Here’s how to submit your podcast to Spreaker as a Pass Through Submission

  • Send a kind email to Rob.Greenlee(at)Spreaker(dot)com
  • Ask him to kindly include your podcast(s) in Spreaker as a “pass through” submission
  • Include your RSS feed URL

That’s it. Rob’s a peach of a guy.


Stitcher podcast directory

You can submit to Stitcher here. All you have to do is these few steps.

It is really pretty simple.

  • Enter your podcast’s RSS feed
  • Confirm the email they find from that feed
  • Read and accept their terms of agreement


On Android
Apple Podcasts
Google Play
iHeart Radio


tunein radio podcast directoryTunein is another of those apps that has tons of content, including audio books. It’s becoming more and more popular from what I can tell so it’s worth the effort to make sure your show is included in their directory.

And getting into the Tunein directory takes a bit more form-filler-outing than I like, but it’s their process so you have to do it their way.

How to get your podcast listed in the tunein directory

  • You’ll need to navigate to this contact page for tunein
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your podcast title
  • Enter your host name
  • Enter your RSS feed URL
  • Select your country
  • Select your language
  • Enter your website address
  • Enter a genre (I wasn’t sure what they wanted here, so I guessed)
  • Enter your podcast email (if you have one)
  • Enter your phone number
  • Enter your Twitter handle
  • Enter comments if you wish
  • Tick the box to accept the terms
  • Click the black-ish “Send Email” button

Wow. Just wow.

That is a LOT of Podcast Directories to submit to

My suggestion…

Take your time.

Maybe do one submission a day.

Or one a week.

In time, you’ll get them all done and have your show out where people can find it.

Thanks for listening/reading.

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