Submit your podcast to the TuneIn Podcast Directory

If you are looking to get your podcast submitted to TuneIn, you’re pretty savvy.

It’s wonderful to submit your show to as many discovery opportunities as possible and Tunein is a great app to be in.

TuneIn bills itself as “Internet Radio” and contains much more than podcasts in its directory. You’ll find ..

  • Audio books
  • Podcasts
  • Sports
  • Music
  • News
  • and more…

Users can even search for items by language and location.

TuneIn is becoming more and more popular from what I can tell (I recently listened to a free audiobook on their app because it was the only place it was offered).

It’s worth the effort to make sure your show is included in their directory.

How to get your podcast listed in the TuneIn directory

  • You’ll need to navigate to this contact page 
  • Provide your email address
  • Input your podcast title
  • Include the podcast host’s name
  • Provide your RSS feed URL (you should get this from your media host provider)
  • Continue down the page providing the information you can… the more, the better.

Once you’ve completed the form, READ the terms and conditions (yes, you should) and then click the “SEND EMAIL” button.

That’s it… you should receive a response email when your podcacst is added to the TuneIn listings.

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