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Man, what a PAIN it can be! Depending on where your audio file link comes from, what format the file is in, which social media platform you’re dealing with, you can get all kinds of bizzare results.

The problem Is compounded even more when you realize that social media simply doesn’t lend itself to long-form content. Most podcasts are longer types of content so they are hard to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other places in a way that can be played, right there, on the spot.

My hope is that this episode will change all of that for you. I’m talking with Baird Hall, one of the creators of Wavve, a great new app that enables you to create motion videos with sound clips from your podcast episodes. Please take the time to listen by clicking the player below, and make sure you scroll down to watch my demo video of setting up my own promo through the Wavve app.

Here’s a rough outline about this episode: sharing audio files on social

  • [1:32] Who is Baird and how does Wavve highlight audio content on social?
  • [5:20] How the audio wav formations in Wavve can garner greater attention
  • [6:36] What it looks like online to create a Wavve animation
  • [9:02] Edit your audio files online or offline to create your graphic animation
  • [11:03] Baird’s short version of the creation of the platform and how they made the pivot from one business idea to another
  • [13:53] Pricing plans – Free, Alpha, Beta, Gamma. Did you see that, FREE PEOPLE!
  • [19:37] How users are using the Wavve to promote on Instagram
  • [27:45] The other folks on the Wavve team and how the company works
  • [28:40] New features coming soon (you heard it here first)…

OK, so you CAN share audio files on social, but…

It’s not always something you can do in a way that people will actually click on.

First, it’s likely an outbound link… and people typically don’t want to leave the social platform they are on at the moment (those cute little kittens are too irresistible).

If it IS uploaded directly to the social platform, it’s likely still going to open a pop-up window to make the thing actually playable.

Or, you can create a video of it yourself which is one of the biggest time sucks I can think of at this moment.

There is an answer, and it even has a free option. Did you hear that people, free!

I invite you to listen to what Baird Hall and the team at Wavve have created for people who produce longer-form audio content (like podcasters). it’s a way that you can create bite-size pieces that people scrolling through their social media feed would actually want to listen to simply because it’s so beautiful and eye-catching.

This is the episode that tells all about the Wavve platform and what it can do to help you share audio of your episodes more effectively.

It’s less than 35 minutes long, so take a listen, would you?

Even though Wavve creates beautiful videos for you to share, you’ll have to put in a little work of your own.

I know it’s tempting to think that some new app like Wavve is going to come along and make your podcasting workflow simple, easy, and automatic.

Yes, in the previous episode with Ari Meisel we did discover a lot of ways that you can automate your podcast workflow, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to have 0 work left to do.

With an application like Wavve you’ve got the opportunity to make something incredible that will help you promote your podcast. But it won’t happen by itself.

You’re going to have to sit down and do the hard work of figuring out how to use the tool most efficiently and effectively to reach your listening audience. Just throwing a Wavve motion video with your audio underneath onto social media isn’t going to do the trick all by itself.

You were going to have to learn the best times to post them, how to do it without a lot of effort, and best practices for how to use the online application to create your videos in the first place.

I’m just being real here. I’m tired of all the “ 6 easy steps to…” posts that you see these days.

Being successful at anything, including podcasting, means you have to do the work in order to make things work.

This episode about sharing audio files on social media is a great step in the right direction. Baird and the folks at Wavve have given us a beautiful tool. But it’s only that, a tool.

You have got to be the one to make it work.

In this episode, Baird shares some of the best practices he has seen users of the app apply to their podcast promotion. He also tells us about a few hacks you can put in place to make it easy to share on Instagram stories. You’ve got to hear this one!

And before you scoot off… watch the demo video of ME creating my own Wavve card to share my own audio files on social

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