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Our podcast show notes service will top off your show’s presentation & maximize SEO

Podcast Show Notes are a great way to tap into the power of SEO and search keywords to make sure your show and the topics you cover are accessible via search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

Show notes also provide a great way for your listeners to easily locate the resources you mention in your episodes. We include those links “live” in our show notes which enables your clients to go directly to the places you are driving them to!

And don’t forget about your podcast guests – your show notes pages demonstrate to them how professionally and effectively you feature them on your podcast website. It’s a great way to generously feature your guests as a “thank you” for lending you their expertise as a value-add to your listeners.

AND on top of that… you’ll have a compelling summary of your episodes you can include in the description area of your MEDIA HOST, which will populate all the podcast players so l listeners can access your resources and contact info easily and quickly.


Our Podcast Show Notes Service Aims To Create An SEO Domino Effect

One of the biggest pain points of podcasting is what some people refer to as “discoverability.”

Simply put: Can the people who are searching for your podcast topics find your show?

That’s where our SEO optimized podcast show notes service comes in…

Show notes service domino effect

Think of it like a domino effect…

THE FIRST DOMINO: Yoru show notes page is well-optimized for search… so it ranks when people search for the topic(s) covered in your episode

THE SECOND DOMINO: The compelling TITLE our show notes writers create get people interested in the content presented by search

THE THIRD DOMINO: Your show notes page is written in a compelling, intriguing way that prompts those who start reading to become listeners.

THE FIFTH DOMINO: You have the opportunity to influence and serve that person through the new relationship.


And it all happened because of a great set of SEO optimized show notes.

That’s what our clients are getting every single episode through the podcast show notes service we provide for them episode after episode.

Then they start to experience those dominos turning into snowballs (rolling down the hill)!


How We Implement Our Podcast Show Notes Service

a podcast show notes service like no other (1)We take this stuff seriously… that means we learn what it takes to make your show notes pages effective. Here’s what we include…


  • A 500-ish word summary description of the episode, with appropriate headers. (We don’t usually count, so it’s often more!)
  • A time-stamped bullet-list outline of the main topics covered in your episode.
  • All resource links mentioned in your episode. That’s websites, books, resources, anything… if we can track them down, we will.
  • Images (if you provide the image files). If you want us to wrangle up relevant images – we will be happy to for an additional fee.
  • “Outside” links to people, places, things mentioned in your podcast. This also improves search engine estimation of your site for SEO purposes.
  • A Call to Action of your choice. Some examples: Subscribe to your podcast/blog – leave a rating or review on iTunes or other directory, whatever you want…
  • Posted DIRECTLY to your website and media host – scheduled according to your criteria.



5 Social media blurbs taken from the episode that you can schedule on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or other social media networks.

5 “Tweetables” you can include as links in your episode post using “Click to Tweet” or another application, or to schedule for your personal Twitter distribution.


Examples Of Our Podcast Show Notes Service In Action!

This is a screengrab from a client website – Anthony Iannarino’s “In The Arena.” CLICK THE IMAGE TO GO TO THE LIVE POST

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This is a screengrab from a client website – Scott Voelker’s “The Amazing Seller.”

This is a screengrab from a client website – Mario Martinez, Jr’s “Selling With Social.” CLICK THE IMAGE TO GO TO THE LIVE POST

Savvy Painter - podcast show notes service clients (2)

This is a screengrab from a client website, Antrese Woods’ “Savvy Painter.”

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