The PFT podcasting service was born March of 2013…

as our founder and Client Happiness Guy, Carey Green was helping a friend who does some amazing things online with audio editing for a podcast he was publishing at the time.That friend’s off-hand remark during one of their conversations opened the door to something incredible. He said…

You should make a business out of this!

A podcasting service? Is there a market for such a thing?

Having podcasted himself for just under a year at that point, Carey immediately knew his friend was right – and got busy. 

Since that time He’s endeavored to build a values based company that gives busy podcasters the time they need to build their business, cause, following, hobby – or whetever it is they are doing to add value to the world – WHILE increasing the quality of their audio production and 

SEO rich show notes at the same time.

Many clients later it seems to be scratching an itch that is driving podcasters crazy. Wanna’ get YOUR itch scratched? We’d love to see if our podcasting service is a good fit for you. Start your journey here.

We have 50+ delighted clients who are happy to tell you exactly why they have chosen our podasting service over the competition.

Some of them are audio editing clients – others are show notes clients – and there are many who do both services with us.

And then there are some who take advantage of a handful of additional services we have to go along with those basics.

Their experience with us is what matters – so go ahead, check out their testimonials – some of them are caught on video.

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Podcastification-Audio and show notesDid you know we have our own podcast about podcasting?

You’d expect that from a podcasting service, right?

Podcastification is a fun show full of tips, research, case studies, and tools to help you podcast better. Our founder and Client Happiness Guy, Carey Green highlights things he’s experienced in working with his own podcasts and over 100 clients to date.

You can subscribe or listen on any number of apps and directories.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Podcasting Service

What does your podcast service cost?

Our basic services begin at $150/episode for audio production. $150/episode for show notes creation and posting.

If you do both we discount it a bit.

If you’d like a show-specific quote, we’re happy to give you one. Start your podcast service journey here.

Do you work with people who are brand new to podcasting?

Absolutely. Yes. We do it all the time.

Absolutely. Yes. We do it all the time.

But only if we’re confident that what we have to offer you is something you’ll actually be able to take advantage of.

What makes the difference?

Knowing what you’re doing – which we are happy to help you learn.

For that reason our podcasting service includes training for new podcasters – in both DIY and personalized formats.

Here’s how you can find out about the new podcaster training options we offer.

Do you require a long term commitment?

We do sign a service agreement with clients just so expectations are clear – but there’s no term clients are locked into.

With a two-week notice either we or you can cancel services at any time for any reason.

If we decide to work together, what's your turn-around time?

That’s a smart question.

1 week from the time you deliver your files to us to the time it goes live on your platform(s).

That’s because we’ve learned the VERY HARD WAY that technology such as internet connections and email don’t always work as they should.

We build in enough buffer to ensure we get things done right, regardless.

Because work that is rushed is usually work that is bad.

Those time frames DO NOT include weekends (we never ask our team to work over the weekend).

And one more thing – if you add additional services to any of those services (episode images, promotional motion videos, lead magnets, etc.) then you can expect a tad more time will be required.

Will the same people work on my podcast all the time?


In fact, we HATE it that some podcasting services bounce their clients from team member to team member in order to cut costs.

Where’s the world-class service in that?

After a 2-ish week period just after our clients come onboard, we hand-select the team member we feel best suits their needs, then we make a personal introduction so our clients know exactly who is working on their podcast week to week.

They are free to connect with that person anytime to work out details – refine things – even change stuff.

Our team of professionals can handle it. Guaranteed.

How does the workflow work?

podcasting services workflow - optimized

One look at this chart and you may feel like you’ve asked a question you really don’t want the answer to.

All kidding aside, we’ll break it down for you.

Our podcasting services all hinge on the efficient use of Dropbox and Google Docs – primarily.

Clients will likely need accounts with both of those service providers – and the free accounts they offer may be enough.

In a nutshell, here’s what happens…

  1. You hit the “stop” button on your recording
  2. You provide us your resources
  3. Our audio editor gets the audio portion done (if applicable)
  4. Our show notes writer goes into creation mode (if applicable)
  5. Your resources are scheduled where and how you want them or are provided directly to you
  6. We do it all again for the next episode.

We’ve thought it through and figured it out, and experience it running smoothly for clients week after week, episode after episode.

We are NOT one of those “figure it out as we go” podcasting services.

We’ve got this thing wired so you don’t have any reason to worry.

I have questions you haven't answered...

We haven’t been able to add “Mind-reading” to our podcast services list – yet.

So until that point, reach out to us in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

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Phone: 719-581-7496

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