It’s becoming more and more common that people need to figure out how they can do podcasting on the go. I can hear Willie singing it now…

On the road again, I just can’t wait to get on the road again, the life I love is making podcasts with my friends, I can’t wait to get on the road again!

But recording your podcast away from your normal studio is a bit trickier than it may sound at first. You’re going to need some way to get a reliably consistent sound recording that avoids all the potential pitfalls that hotel rooms and other non-treated areas can insert into your recording.

This episode is about THAT. How to do it, practically, affordably, and with the things you have around you. OR, if you want to do something a bit more reliable, I’m even going to cover some ways that you can create your own portable podcasting studio to take with you when you are on the go.

[2:27] The variables to overcome when podcasting on the go.

Anytime you’re outside your normal podcast recording environment you need to open your eyes and ears to discover the variables you need to take into account. If you don’t you’ll have all kinds of unwanted noises in your recording.

There’s lots to think about – and this episode covers my best advice for taking care of the most obvious things – and a few things you probably haven’t considered.

[4:30] Addressing possible interruptions in your environment.

  • How much echo is in the room?
  • Could the heat or A/C come on unexpectedly?
  • What about the phones? Are they turned off?

And what other things might you be missing? You should listen to this episode. I mean, come on – it’s only 18 minutes long. You could do that on your next commute or run on the treadmill.

[5:49] You should invest in an “on the go” podcasting microphone.

Technology has made such advancements in the past few years there’s no reason that anyone who’s going to be podcasting on the go regularly can’t simply buy an “on the go” microphone. On this episode I give you my recommendation for the two most affordable, simple, GREAT SOUNDING microphones out there. I’ll even tell you where you can go to hear a comparison of these mics alongside the “big boy” microphones like the Heil PR40.

[10:14] For podcasting on the go you can “soundproof” your mic.

When it comes to removing the possibility for unwanted noise most people think in terms of making the room acoustics better. That’s great. I’ve got no problem with doing that. Except in a hotel room you may have a difficult time figuring out how to hang sheets of acoustic foam. 😉

So on this episode I’m going to get you thinking in reverse. Instead of soundproofing the room, how about soundproofing your microphone? I’ve got a handful of ways you can do it easily when you’re on the go, so make sure you listen and check out the resources to get inspired.

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