Podcasting Jobs with Podcast Fast Track: Do you have what it takes?


The Podcast Fast Track team is a group of extraordinary individuals… people who don’t just do podcasting jobs – they make a difference in the lives of our clients and their listeners every day.

We are all committed to the following principles…

  • Every word of our why statement
  • We love our clients. Not like. Not tolerate. Love.
  • We do our best work. Every time for every client.
  • We continue to learn, grow, and refine our skills to serve our clients better.
  • We are honest with each other for the sake of growth. From our leaders throughout the team.

Do you have what it takes to be part of that kind of team? Let’s find out…

  • Are you good at clear and consistent communication?
  • Do you avoid drama in favor of data?
  • Can you thrive in an environment where systematized checklists are used to assert quality control over your work, so nothing is missed or overlooked? Ever?
  • Are you able to take honest, consistent feedback in order to continue growing beyond your present skill level?
  • Do you love to help people? Team members, clients, prospective clients, bosses, anyone?
  • Is “It’s not my job” something you’d never say because you want to do whatever it takes to get the job done and delight the client?
  • Are you a “figure it out” kind of person who sees obstacles as opportunities to prove how much you care for those you are serving?

If you’re thinking, “No team is like that,” you don’t know the PFT team.

We strive toward those things and more, every day. If you want a podcasting job that’s more than a job and believe you are up to the challenge, we invite you to apply.

The two main roles on our team are those of audio editor and show notes writer. We only take applications for those positions and strive to promote from within as the company grows. If you have other skills you think would be of value to our team, please contact us and make your pitch. Who knows what might happen?

Are you ready to apply?

Contact the PFT Team

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