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Tell Larry that Carey at Podcast Fast Track sent you

It’s not exactly podcasting equipment, but WEB DESIGN is a huge thing…

We always recommend that podcasters create a website that can serve as the internet home of their podcast. It doesn’t have to be a site separate from a business or personal website, though it isn’t wrong to do that either.

The main thing is that you want a place you can point your listeners where EVERYTHING you offer and do is available. Don’t send them to Apple Podcasts and your Facebook page and your LinkedIn profile and… you get the point?

Send them to ONE place – your website.

We’ve been working with Larry from CNY Web Designs for some time – both for our website maintenance and for helping a handful of clients build out their sites from scratch.

His prices are reasonable and he’s a great guy to work with. And he knows his WordPress. Click the image or link above to connect with Larry about YOUR website needs. And tell him we sent you. 🙂

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Show notes that actually WORK require good keyword research…

The PFT team of show notes writers – all professionally trained and industry tough – uses one particular tool to do keyword research on every episode they write.

It’s called Keyword Finder. (Affiliate link)

Keyword finder is our choice for a handful of significant reasons…

  • Easy color-coded graphic display shows ease to rank AND number of monthly searchers
  • Built-in results section shows us the top 10 pages for the searched phrase and links to them
  • We’re able to see the search trends over the last 12 months with one glance
  • Cost per click and Pay Per Click estimates are included (tells us how profitable the keyword could be for our clients)

If you are interested in learning how to do keyword research for your show notes better – you really should check out Keyword Finder. They provide a free trial so you can check out its functionality for yourself.


PES - podcasting equipment means nothing without skills

Click the logo to enroll using our affiliate link

The best podcasting equipment won’t benefit you at all if you don’t develop the skills…

And we happen to know a guy…

His name is Chris Curran. He’s produced records (you remember those, right?) in New York City for big-name recording artists and has now turned the focus of his attention and skill to podcasting.

That’s a blessing to us. 🙂 You can hear Chris as the featured guest on this episode of Podcastification.

Chris runs The Podcast Engineering School (affiliate link) on a periodic basis to train anyone – from newbie to advanced – how to engineer like the pros. In fact, when you finish his course you will BE a pro audio engineer.

Click through the link to find out more – and enroll in the PES if you are at all interested in upping the game on your podcast production. You could even walk away from the course with everything you need to start a podcast production company of your own!


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A good media host is the HEART of your podcast distribution system.

When you have a media host that stinks… well, it stinks!

We always recommend Libsyn. It’s the industry leader and has proven to be a reliable platform where your content simply works as it should.

You can check out their podcasting plans here: if you use our affiliate code “PFT” you can possibly get your first 1 1/2 months for free.

Having bragged about Libsyn, we should also say there ARE other good media hosts out there. Some we recommend people take a look at are:


AT2005 w boom and pop separate - podcasting equipment

Click for a larger image

A budget-friendly microphone setup…

Ever since our founder – Carey Green – started podcasting back in 2013-ish, he has been using this microphone. It’s called the Audio Technica 2005. (Amazon link – no affiliate)

He bought it because…

  • it was inexpensive (just under $100)
  • is a “dynamic microphone) (find out what that means)
  • and plugs in to either a USB or XLR jack

That means’ he’s able to record how he likes to record – simply.

In his setup his microphone goes directly into his computer via USB and he records directly into Audacity, Zencastr, Cleanfeed, or another computer-based recording platform.

Add the boom stand and pop filter and you are all set.

You can hear the quality of this microphone on 95% of the episodes he records on his Podcast about Podcasting – Podcastification.

This microphone has a “baby brother” that is very popular as well – the Audio Technica 2100. It runs about $10 less in overall price.


Andrew Alleman - Podcast GuestsGuests, guests, guests. Do you need more qualified guests for your show?

Why doesn’t somebody come up with a way for qualified guests to make themselves available to podcasters in a database of some kind?

Or better yet, why doesn’t somebody create a way podcast hosts can go find qualified guests for free?

That somebody is the guy in the picture. His name is Andrew Alleman. He’s a PFT client who has felt the pain of guest acquisition himself. So he built a solution.

Andrew created Podcast Guests (affiliate), a website dedicated to bringing together podcasters and guest experts.

And the coolest thing about his service is that it’s mostly free for the basics. Sign up for his newsletter and get notifications each week of guests looking for shows to be on and shows looking for guests to be on them.

And if you sign up for one of the premium services you’ll get a lot more – including the opportunity to put yourself in the data base to be a guest on other shows. (see our founder’s profile here).

And use the code P25 to get some kind of discount. (we forget what it is, but it’s something, huh?)

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