Podcast Training (we're all new at some point, right?)

we've all got to start our podcast training somewherePodcast Training is WAY important.

And the Podcast Fast Track team absolutely LOVES working with new podcasters.

But ONLY AFTER giving you the podcast training you need to make your podcast a success!

Yep, you read that right.

We ONLY work with new podcasters who have proven they are serious about podcasting by investing in their own success and training.

We offer two options to deliver that training


2 options for podcast training through PFT (1)

FOR DIY TYPES: How To Podcast Step By Step Course

How to Podcast Step by Step - Podcast Training Course

If you are a DIY gal or guy – this is the course is for you!

Our course – How To Podcast Step By Step – is an amazing, 12 module video course that walks you through everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) you need to know in order to start from scratch and begin a successful podcasting journey. Each module includes downloadable PDF worksheets to help you put the podcast training you’re receiving into action right away.


Video 1: What Is A Podcast?

Video 2: How Does A Podcast Work?

Video 3: Basic Elements You Need

Video 4: Know Your Audience

Video 5: Naming Your Show

Video 6: What To Record

Video 7: Get The Right Gear

Video 8: What Type of Show?

Video 9: Start Recording

Video 10: Create Incredible Cover Art

Video 11: Choose A Media Host

Video 12: Set Up Distribution

And 3 BONUS Videos!


This course is seriously worth over $500, but for $99 and a diligent investment of your time (you need to invest SOMETHING in order for it to matter to you), you’ll be ready to roll.

Upon completion of your purchase you’ll be taken directly to the login instructions! Don’t close your browser!

One on One Podcast Strategy & Launch

Carey Green 5- founder of our podcast services

Carey Green, Founder of PFT and Your Coach

Prefer A Personalized Approach? This One’s For You!

If you want to get your podcast launched in the quickest amount of time, guided by an experienced, knowledgeable instructor, you want this package.

Carey Green has worked with well over 100 podcasters and publishes 4 podcasts of his own.

His background in radio and experience working along successful podcasters (like you) has put him on the “fast track” of learning and growth as a podcast coach.

His podcast training focuses on the best-practices that make podcasts enjoyable to listeners and effective for the podcaster.



Six 1-hour, one on one video sessions in six weeks

Customized assignments at the close of each session

Q & A with each session to ensure you’re on track

Feedback and suggestions as you do the work

Your media host account set up for you

Website optimized for podcasting

Launch strategy coaching and advice

Assistance submitting to Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes) and other directories






Get started with your podcasting journey with personalized coaching every step of the way! The entire Podcast Launch package – $3499.00

Upon completion of your purchase we’ll be in touch to set up your first appointment!

Podcast Training F.A.Q.

As a new podcaster you REQUIRE that I complete one of these options in order to work with you?

That is exactly right!

We could get you rolling in a week’s time – but we won’t.

We’ve learned the hard way that it’s not helpful long-term and that most people who start that way quit within 6 months.

We don’t want that for you… so this is our best solution.

If I purchase the podcast training course, how long do I have access to it?

For as long as the internet and the electrical grid stay in operation. 😉

Seriously. That includes any updates we make to the course, further bonus content we add… all of it.

Why are you charging people for something they can figure out on their own?

Because most people simply won’t figure it out on their own.

They need more motivation, more accountability.

Our training options serve in the same way a personal trainer serves people wanting to get in shape. They could do it on their own too, right? Wrong.

And we figure $99 is about the right amount of accountability to get people going. Who wants to waste a hundred bucks?

We figure we’re still being generous – the course could sell for a LOT more, easily.

Is there an in-between option that includes the course but also a small bit of coaching?


We honestly didn’t think that would be needed, but if you’re interested, let’s talk.

Do you get my show into Apple Podcasts (iTunes) or the other directories?

We’re not here to do things for you…

We are here to equip and guide you (or your team) to get things done.

If you do the work, step by step as we teach you (course OR consulting), your podcast will be ready to go on time.

That includes directory submissions, cover art creation, recording and production. Everything. You’ll be ready.

Can others on my team to use the podcast training resources I purchase?

Yep. We’ve got no problem with that at all.

That’s quite smart of you to enlist the help of others, by the way. 🙂

If I do the one-on-one option, can I have team members particpate in the podcast training calls?

Yep. No problem at all.

Although then it would be one-on-many. But who’s counting. 😉

Are these resources only for people who want to work with you after completing them?

Not at all. We’re happy to help anyone who wants to create a great podcast.

Feel free to tell others about it. (tweet below)

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