If the enthusiasm for your podcast is lagging because you are getting stuck in the rut of podcast show notes creation, I feel your pain. Show notes are definitely one of the less enjoyable aspects of putting together a complete production of a show. But it doesn’t have to be such a painful thing – there are ways you can make the process smoother, easier, and more efficient.

DC Podfest and the Triple Power of Killer Show Notes

I was recently asked to speak at DC Podfest and the topic I chose was, “The Triple Power of Killer Show Notes.” The session was very well received and you know what – since I’m a podcaster myself I decided to record it so you could hear what I had to share with the great folks who were at DC Podfest. By the way, you can meet some of them on my last episode.

So if you want to learn how to create your own podcast show notes – exactly like the professionals on my team here at Podcast Fast Track do – I’m going to unload the truck on you in this presentation. Heck, I’m even giving you my slide deck from the presentation in the resources below.

Here’s how you really CAN produce your own podcast show notes easier and quicker.

Creating show notes for your podcast doesn’t have to be such a pain, so why not take the time to listen?

Outline of this episode

  • [1:18] The setting and reason for this presentation.
  • [2:46] 3 purposes of killer show notes.
  • [3:20] Smartphones change everything and make show notes powerful.
  • [4:59] How show notes work as an organic traffic magnet (keyword research).
  • [7:47] Making your show notes an appealing thing to future guests.
  • [8:41] QUESTION: What ARE show notes?
  • [11:34] How the PFT team easily writes show notes quickly, sort of. 🙂
  • [12:04] The power of high speed playback.
  • [12:50] Why we use Google Docs to create our show notes (it’s powerful).
  • [14:30] The format we use when creating our notes.
  • [16:57] Why it’s VITAL that you clean the HTML of your show notes before it goes to your media host.
  • [19:23] Should you include transcripts in your show notes?
  • [25:05] You’ve GOT to repurpose your show notes for social media.
  • [28:08] The MOST underutilized social media hack for podcasters.
  • [35:49] Tips for making the show notes writing process easier.

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