When John Lee Dumas proved that daily podcast recording was possible…

I was honestly quite amazed.

It sounded absolutely, entirely, and in all other ways CRAZY to me to publish a podcast episode every day, simply because of the workload involved.

But when he began revealing the methods he used to pull it off, I (and a lot of other people) learned a few things.

#1 – Batch recording your podcast recordings is a life-saver.

I am probably off on the actual facts, but from what I remember , when John Lee first began he recorded 6 to 8 episodes all in one day and continued to do so every week.

That enabled him to get a “hopper” full of podcast episodes that he could schedule out in the future once his show was launched.

#2 – Do editing in batches as well.

Again, my memory could be off a bit but I believe John Lee also did his editing and behind the scenes work all on that same day. He said it made for a very long day but it also enabled him to truly have a week’s worth of podcast recording done in one day’s time.

#3 – Use audio templates to speed up your workflow.

I’m honestly not sure if this is a lesson I learned from hearing John Lee speak about how he set up his podcasting workflow or not, but it’s something I’ve found to be INVALUABLE and is the focus of this post.

An AUDIO TEMPLATE is a way that you can set up your show ahead of time – and KEEP IT THAT WAY for every episode. The benefits?

  • You don’t have to re-import common elements to every show (intros, outros, sponsor messages, etc.)
  • You’re able to maintain consistency from episode to episode, adding to the professionalism of your show.
  • And it’s more possible to do a DAILY show when you know how to set up features inside your template that enable you to be more efficient in your podcast recording process.

A quick tip to help you track yourself AS you record

The video above shows you exactly how I’ve set up a comfortable, fast, easy workflow surrounding my daily podcast episodes that enables me to get them done quickly and consistently,

I’m batch recording just like John Lee suggested, and it’s working out great.

In fact, just this morning I recorded 15 of my 5-minute Morning Mindset episodes using this method.

So if YOU want to do more podcast recordings in less time – you can’t go wrong doing batch recordings with a template!

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