Podcast production gets easier as you do it more. Naturally, right? That’s at least part of the reason I thought it might be helpful for YOU, the listener, to hear from a couple of guys who, between the two of us (and our teams), probably have our hands on over 100 episodes per week. We’ve learned a few things about podcast production (much of it the hard way) and would love it if you did NOT repeat our mistakes.

Funny stuff happens during podcast production. Here’s some proof.

But I also thought there might be some VERY FUNNY stories we could tell on/about our clients, their guests, and the tech nightmares we’ve seen happen. And I wasn’t wrong about that. There are some truly funny moments in this episode.

So, on this episode I welcome my guest Steve Stewart – he’s a peach of a guy (whatever that means to you… unless it means something dirty to you… in which case I retract the statement entirely). You’ll like Steve’s approach to editing, his ability to tell a story, and will also get some great tips from the guy to boot!

And I throw in a couple of stories and tips of my own as well. So… will you join us? We’d like to podcastificate you. It won’t hurt, honest. In fact, you might find you like it. 😉

Here’s an overview of the podcast production tips Steve and I covered…

  • [1:30] A thumbnail sketch of the amazing Steve Stewart, esquire. OK, he’s not an esquire – but he IS a cool guy.
  • [4:26] Ways you can BETTER help your guest make a better recording (and bring their best game) – INCLUDING microphone options.
  • [14:57] The things you notice when your EDITOR BRAIN kicks in (it can be ugly).
  • [17:26] The things podcasters do that EDITORS LOVE!
  • [20:53] My crazy story of the whining dad trying to control his kid who interrupted his recording.
  • [24:16] If you don’t want to miss things in your podcast production workflow, you NEED a process checklist (bullet point outline).
  • [32:54] The 3 biggest pain points in a podcaster’s life – and Skype nightmares!
  • [43:42] Do you use too much DATED COMMENTARY in your podcast?
  • [48:43] How you can get in touch with the incredible Steve Stewart.

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