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Follow me through a short little exercise in logic for a moment…

You podcast about a specific topic – subject – thing. I do too.

That means your podcast is not for everyone. It’s for very specific people who are interested in your specific thing.

That means in order for your podcast to be considered a success, you have GOT to figure out how to get those specific people (your target market) to notice, listen to, and become ongoing fans of your show.

BUT – Most categories/niches are PACKED with shows…

The “real estate” space is a great example. Though a bit more crowded than most, it serves to illustrate the point.

If you search for that term, you’ll get TONS of results. 

Imagine that your show is one of those shows. How do you get YOUR show on the radar of the people who listen to real estate shows?

You don’t have to be THE UNDISPUTED LEADER among real estate #podcasts because most people interested in a niche topic listen to multiple shows about that topic. But you DO have to be among the go-to shows in that niche.

There is a formula for that, believe it or not.

But before you get out your pencil to jot down the formula – read the next section carefully to ensure you understand the ONLY WAY the formula will actually work for you.

I’m about to share the best-practices I’ve observed from working with over 150-ish clients in the last 5 years – which means what I’m about to share has to be PUT INTO PRACTICE.

  • Reading this series will do you no good if you don’t do what I’m describing.
  • You can’t make a half-hearted effort at this and expect it to work.
  • You can’t do these things for a little while then turn your attention to the next shiny object that pops up in your email inbox.

This formula, when done diligently and consistently, WILL make your show “Top of class” in your niche.

OK – disclaimer said. Let’s get on with it.

The niche domination formula consists of 5 things…

  1. Notice / Awareness
  2. Quality / Helpfulness
  3. Originality / Appeal
  4. Consistency / Frequency
  5. Saturation

Describing each of these areas adequately requires an article for each, so that’s what I’m going to do in the next few articles.

So I’ll pick it up with point #1 – Notice/Awareness in my next installment.

ACTION POINT: If you know anyone who could use the content I’m about to share, please hit “share” on this page – point out this article in a personal message – and share this with them.

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