Podcast music is something that makes a show stand out… in good ways and bad ways.

Your podcast can STAND OUT in a bad way if YOU USE COPYRIGHTED MUSIC AND GET SUED.

Your podcast can STAND OUT in a good way if you use music that makes your audience think of you, and ONLY YOU!

So where can you find podcast music that is legal and gets you noticed in the good way?

That’s what I’m going to cover on this episode of Podcastification… here’s the links to the sites I mention:

ROYALTY FREE MUSIC (means you pay a small fee, download the music, and use it. But others can use it too)

CUSTOM MUSIC (means you pay for something that is only for you… often you’ll have to pay extra for a license to own it as well)

We do custom podcast music based on tracks you like. You get:

  • One 60 second custom piece made to your description
  • If you don’t like it, we will revise it until we get you the perfect sound!
  • They’ll never be sold to anyone else
  • You get a license to use it how you want, forever

What do we do with the podcast music track you didn’t choose?

We keep them in a “hopper” for people to buy at $99 per track. Same usage rights. Same sole ownership rights.

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