🎧 If you’re looking to take your #podcasting to the next level, you’re not alone.

And if you don’t know exactly where to start, you’re ALSO not alone.


IMAGINE: A group of successful, experienced podcasters helping each other move to the next level!

It happens… amazingly. Here’s how!

When you get a group of people who fit THESE kinds of profiles…


Started one of the most successful shows in his niche and has been so successful that his show not only carries regular advertisements, it’s also spun off its own marketing firm for the industry.

Creator and Host

Began the most influential and popular show in her niche, serving an underserved area of interest. She’s taken on sponsors, built a membership, created a huge audience and works regularly to enage with listeners and guests alike.

Creator and Host

Began a “special interest” show that has become very successful. Built an audience through savvy marketing and creative approaches. Has begun to take on advertisers, created a membership that requires a monthly fee.

🎧 But it doesn’t only matter that you have great people with unique experiences

Those people need to be GENEROUS people… willing to share the secrets of their success (so far) with others and eager to see them succeed too.

That’s what we had in the group you see pictured above. It was a win-win-win-win-win for everyone.

 Carey Green, Podcast Coach and Founder of Podcast Fast Track

Each week, as two people shared the hot-seat, the rest heard their biggest pain-point or growth goal, asked appropriate questions, and gave advice from their experience and insight.

And our Founder, Carey Green, oversaw the entire thing, leading the discussion, passing along the relevant experience he’s had working with over 100 clients to date, and organizing each meeting, notes, invites, video sessions, etc.

PODCAST MASTERMINDS can make the difference

✸ ONLY 4 participants

✸ Bi-weekly video meetings

✸ Hot-seat participation and feedback

✸ 1 Quarter duration (3 months)

✸ Facilitated by a Professional #PodcastCoach

✸ Action-oriented || Accountability-Based || High-commitment

✸ $200/mo

IMAGINE: A group of successful, experienced podcasters helping each other move to the next level!

Reach out to us if you have questions or would like help thinking through your show concept, equipment setup, anything!



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