There is a decent amount of behind-the-scenes maintenance that goes with keeping your podcast feed and media host account optimized. Platforms change, integrations change, industry standards change… and you’ve got to be able to make adjustments on the fly.

We suggest you leave it to the professionals (that’s us) and get better results.

#1 — RSS management and maintenance

Are you getting the most out of your Media Host account?

No matter what media host you’re using — Libsyn, Captivate, Buzzsprout, Podbean, Blubrry, etc. — there are all kinds of bells and whistles inside their interface that need constant monitoring and periodic maintenance.

You don’t need to spend your valuable time doing that stuff… let us!


  • When your media host announces a new integration (with a podcasting platform) we’ll make sure your show is connected to it.
  • When podcast best-practices change in a way that requires something in your media host to be changed or updated, we’ll know about it and make the change for you automatically.
  • Twice a year, we’ll make sure your podcast is in any new or promising directories or platforms that have joined the podcast-o-sphere.
  • We will monitor all news your media host puts out and inform you of anything YOU need to do… so you don’t have to read those emails anymore. We’ll take care of it.

2. Stats Review & Strategy

Your media host account likely provides you tons of helpful stats.

But they are only helpful if you understand what they mean and the implications they have for the ongoing decisions you make about your podcast.

Each year we’ll jump on a video call to walk through your real-time stats so you can understand them, know how to use them, and accelerate the growth of your podcast as a result.

3. Private Slack Channel

Anytime you have a podcast-related question, ask us in your dedicated Slack channel!

Would you like to be part of a clients-only Slack channel to ask questions, brainstorm, and build cooperative relationships with other podcast clients of ours? You’d have that option too!

We want to empower you with the knowledge and insight you need to grow your podcast and enable it to thrive… without waiting for the info you need!

4. Intro & Outro Updates

It’s a good idea to give your audio branding an upgrade now and then.

We’re happy to help you do that. How so?


  • We’ll help you choose new music and craft a new voice over (if you like) — we can source original music and VO work for you ($239 each) if you like. But whether we get it for you or you provide it, we will mix it professionally for use on your podcast.
  • We can use the music to create shorter transitions or effects.
  • We can even mix MULTIPLE intros or outros to vary your calls to action, announcements, and keep your show fresh!


After your payment goes through you’ll receive an email from our team to ask for all the info we need to get your maintenance service rolling!

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