Does Podcast Editing Have Your Time Sucked Up?

It seems most podcasters have a love-hate thing going on with their podcast editing…

We all LOVE what it sounds like when it’s done… but we HATE having to do it ourselves (unless we are those odd type of people who actually love playing with audio wave forms and bells and whistles – which our PFT audio editors are.) And for some – there are aspects of the podcast editing process that they’re simply not good at. That’s why our podcast editing service exists. We’ve brought together a handful of skilled audio editors – all in-house – who love to do podcast editing for clients who are doing great work. Yes… they really DO love it.


And we do it all according to the following 3-point podcast editing philosophy…


Listener Enjoyment


Listener Comprehension


Professional Quality

Here's the skinny on our monthly costs

You are unique – and so is your podcast.

That’s why we offer you a basic idea of what typical podcast might cost (see pricing schedule below) But beyond that we’ll have to talk to you individually. There are just too many variables… stuff like…

  • The Podcast Fast Track Podcast Editing Services (1)Episode length
  • Degree of editing you want us to perform
  • Number of elements in your episodes
  • Frequency of your episode publications

So we prefer to give you a hard-and-fast quote that is for your show and your show only. And don’t worry, we’re not into the hard-sell techniques some companies seem to enjoy.

You either need our podcast editing service and are able to pay the price we’re able to provide it at – or you don’t. It’s really that simple to us.

So set a time for a consult call and we’ll get a price dialed-in for you personally.

But first… a word or two from our clients…

Everyone is wonderful to work with. Carey’s tips have helped improve my show and they will move the moon to make sure the show gets put together even when I’ve messed up a file. The Podcast Fast Track team DEFINITELY looks out for their clients!
Stacey Higginbotham

IOT Expert and Podcaster, The Internet of Things Podcast

​Carey Green and the team at Podcast Fast Track are awesome. Since handing over my podcast editing and show notes creation, I’ve been able to take my content to a new level. They are super responsive and easy to work with.

Roger Whitney

CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, AIF®, The Retirement Answer Man Podcast

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