If you are at the point that you’re considering a podcast editing service, there are many things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you find the RIGHT service to fit your needs.

It may sound strange for me to say that… a guy who runs a podcast editing company. 

Why wouldn’t I just tell you to hire me?

A couple of simple reasons:

#1 – My podcast editing company is not the only game in town that can do good quality work for you (though I do think we’re the best)

And #2 – I know that the way we do business and the values we hold to are not going to be the best fit for everyone. So, it only makes sense for me to help you find the exact people who can best serve you when it comes to editing your episodes week to week.

That’s what this episode of Podcastification is all about: 10 Tips To Help You Find The Right Podcast Editing Service.

Keep reading below and I’ll go into more detail about how you can intelligently go about evaluating all the podcast editing services out there… and find the best one to fit your needs.

Outline of this episode

  • [01:20] What kind of things should be asking a podcast editing service?
  • [02:05] If you’re not aligned in terms of values, you’re asking for trouble.
  • [03:37] Find out the company’s editing philosophy.
  • [05:21] Do you have to provide guidance episode to episode?
  • [07:24] They have current clients, don’t they? Find out all you can!
  • [08:29] Listen to their work!
  • [10:17] Will you have an editor assigned to your show?
  • [12:14] Does the company have streamlined systems?
  • [14:12] Is there a commitment to clear communication?
  • [16:10] Where is your podcast editing team based?
  • [18:27] The issue of pricing in finding the right podcast editing service.

TIP #1 – Make sure you are aligned with the company and its leadership

The thing you produce (as the client) need to be things the podcast editing service you use can support and get behind.

So you need to know WHAT you stand for, what MESSAGING you want to promote, and HOW you’re going to do it.

Then make sure the company you’re considering is willing to work with THAT kind of content and approach.

If you don’t take this seriously, you may find a situation arise in the future when one or the other of you (the podcast editing service OR you) feel that you can’t keep working together moving forward.

It’s better to get these things figured out BEFORE you establish a working relationship.

TIP #2 – Make sure you understand and agree with the podcast editing service’s editing philosophy

What are the goals of the company or service you’re considering when they do the actual editing on your audio?

Do you know? 

It’s important because you want to ensure they are going to edit the way that you want them to edit.

Ask them…

  • Why do you edit in the first place?
  • What are you listening for?
  • How do you make decisions about what to edit out and what to leave in?

And consider what YOU want your episodes to sound like in the end.

TIP #3 – Do YOU have to provide guidance to them episode to episode, or do THEY do second-by-second editing as you define it from the beginning of the relationship?

Can your podcast editing service receive a list from you of the TYPE of things you want edited out regularly, AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP?

If not, you’re going to be busy each week giving them instruction.

To me, that’s NOT why you hire a podcast editing service in the first place. You want THEM to take on the heavy-lifting of editing work without your input required episode to episode.

A good editing service can follow your general guidelines, laid out early on in the relationship, and produce what you want, every time.

TIP #4 – Ask to see a list of their current clients

They should be able to give you a list of people they are working with.

YOU should contact some of those people directly to ask about their experience with the company.

What should you listen for when you do that?

They should be happy clients.

They should feel good about the people involved in their experience.

TIP #5 – Listen to their work

Quality matters. So listen to the work the podcast editing service has done for other clients.

Is it pleasant to listen to?

Is it harsh on the ears?

Are all the voices leveled adequately (so you don’t have to turn the volume up and down as speakers change)?

Is background noise overwhelming the speech or is it handled well.

Keep in mind that any editing service will be limited by what they are provided. But you should expect to hear good work, consistently done, with a few exceptions.

TIP #6 – Is your audio editing work going into a “pool” or will you have one assigned audio editor?

This one is important… and may not make sense right away, so let me explain.

Many podcast editing services toss all client work into a hopper as it comes in, and any member of their audio editing team who is available at that time can grab the audio and get to work on it.

Can you see any problems with this kind of approach?

  • Familiarity with your show and your preferred edits will not exist from episode to episode
  • Quality can suffer because different editors have different skill levels
  • Communication can be problematic because you’re dealing with so many people
  • Consistency will not be a thing on your show

I SUGGEST that you find a company that assigns ONE audio editor/producer to your show and that person does ALL the work on your show, for every episode.

That way you are able to develop a relationship with that individual over time, getting to know them as they get to know you and your show.  This is so helpful…

For example: Some of our clients will call out edit requests to their editor IN the audio recording… and they’ll speak to them by name to make it more personal.

What you wind up with is better quality and a better experience with the podcast editing service, all the way around.

TIP #7 – Does the podcast editing service have a streamlined process?

You need to have an easy-to-follow process in place that enables you and the podcast production company to pass files back and forth.

Notice the important things…

  • Easy to use
  • Easy communication
  • How do they label things?
  • Do they use Dropbox or Google Drive or something else?

You want the system to be set up in a way that KEEPS YOU from having to communicate lots of information, back and forth, every single episode.

You need a system that communicates a lot of those details FOR you.

Not every podcast editing service has this figured out (I’m just warning you).

Ask the questions you need to ask in order to find out.

TIP #8 – Is the team you’ll be working with committed to clear communication?

When you’re talking about things like the sequence of your audio elements and exact edits for an audio file, communication has to be clear.

Will the podcast editing service you’re considering jump on the phone or a video chat with you to work things out quickly?

Will they give you the details you need week to week to get things right?

You need to ask these questions so that things can be dialed-in at the beginning of your relationship. That way you don’t need lots of communication episode to episode.

TIP #9 – Where is the team you’re working with based? (What time zone)

Delivery issues can arise when you’re working in different time zones.

Due dates can be misunderstood.

The closer your podcast editing service is to your time zone, the less potential for confusion exists.

BUT, a professional company will have experience dealing with time zones and will have systems in place to help them deal with the differences. So ask the questions you need to ask to ensure things aren’t mixed up because of time differencers.

There is another issue and it has to do with communication. When you are working with a person who speaks the same language you speak, communication is naturally easier.

I’m not saying this MUST be in the mix, but it is something to consider.

If you’re willing to work WITH your podcast editing service to overcome the communication issues that arise from working with non-native speakers, then good for you.

TIP #10 – Is the price you’ll have to pay, a fit for your budget?

I place pricing as the LAST thing to consider because I believe all of the things above are more important.

Of course, you need to be able to pay for any podcast editing service you contract with, so budget IS a consideration.

But a general rule of thumb for audio editing services is this: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

If you pay on the cheap… you may receive substandard work. Not always. It is possible to find people who work for much less because their cost of living is much less — and they do a fantastic job.

But it’s not common and it takes a lot of work.

Professional results often require professional-level pricing to be paid. Podcast editing is no different.

Connect with me to find out more about our podcast editing services…

By the way… we fit ALL of these criteria and then some!

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