Is your old podcast audio doomed to obscurity?

As you may know from listening to previous episodes of Podcastification, one of the things I absolutely HATE about podcasting is that I create this great audio content (one of my shows has over 90 episodes of past interviews and instruction) and once it has it’s initial blast of buzz, it’s gone into the realms of internet obscurity.

I hate that. But I love it at the same time.

Because it gives ME the opportunity, the challenge, the HIGH CALLING to get those episodes BACK into the light of day – somehow.

In this episode of Podcastification I’ll be revealing to you ONE MORE way that you and your team can get your old podcast content repurposed to be of benefit to your audience once again.

It’s short – and worth listening to.

And if you’d like to talk to me about doing this very thing for you… it’s part of what my team does. You can contact me at Carey(at)PodcastFastTrack(dot)com

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