I have LONG wanted a Podcast Newsletter that provides content for me — an INDEPENDENT PODCASTER.

I mean, it’s OK to have industry news about who moved from what bigwig company to another biggerwig company in a higher profile industry-speak position… no problem there.

But it’s not relevant to me at all.

So I’ve created an Indie Podcast Newsletter FOR Indie Podcasters, BY an Indie Podcaster. Abraham Lincoln would have said something like that if he were a podcaster.

I’m calling it “Podawan” (hat tip to the Star Wars universe).

I LOVE the idea of Podawan Learner… and since we are all bootstrapping, do it yourself kind of folks, we can be Podawans.

Each episode or installment of the Podawan newsletter will include…

An Education section that highlights stuff you need to learn or do better

A Success Stories section that tells of Indie podcasters who have actually done it.

An Industry News section where I frame happenings in ways that matter to you.

And an Editorial section… where I write an opinion piece based on issues within the podcast industry (and shock… it will be RELEVANT to Indie podcasters).

Finally… I’ll be taking LETTERS TO THE EDITOR… you can write your input about my opinions, industry stuff, something else. I don’t care what it is. Send it to me.

I hope you’ll subscribe. It’s going to be a fun and RELEVANT ride.

Oh yeah… you can also find some fun, Podawan swag here.

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