As a podcaster, you no doubt have thought about the benefits of podcasts. You wouldn’t be podcasting if you didn’t know at least SOME of them.

This episode I’m highlighting 10 of the benefits I see in podcasting and the reasons people these days are listening and learning from podcasts so much.

To be really, really, REALLY honest with you here – I have a busy life just like anyone else. And during the pre-publication phase of this episode, I’m on a trip to celebrate my mother’s 90th birthday.

I can’t even imagine 90 years of life on this planet, but there she is, plain as day and healthy as can be (thank God!).

All that to say, I’m making a decision on this episode. I’m not going to do my standard, more comprehensive set of show notes for this episode.

I’m just not – because I think there are more important things going on in my life right now.

So, please listen. Please learn. And enjoy your life! That’s what I’m going to do right now!

Main Points : Be Your Own PR Manager

  • [1:16] How I got the idea for this episode of the podcast
  • [3:35] #1: Podcast listeners are growing – there are more than ever
  • [5:17] #2: There are more podcasts than ever and more opportunities
  • [6:41] #3: A greater variety of podcasts exist than ever
  • [7:35] #4: The free nature of podcasts increases listenership easily
  • [9:37] #5: You can find up to date information through podcasting
  • [11:30] #6: The mobile nature of podcast listening opportunities is a great benefit
  • [13:15] #7: How does the issue of privacy figure into the benefits of podcast listening?
  • [13:58] #8: Speed listening. Is it beneficial?
  • [15:29] #9: Advertising is a benefit in podcasting… or can be
  • [18:20] #10: Podcasting as a great method for teaching



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