Pinterest itself has been a mystery to me for a very long long time, so to talk about having a Pinterest strategy for my podcast is like asking me to be a girl. I don’t know anything about it. 🙂

Pinterest is fun to look at – I’ve gone there on occasion to get great ideas for DIY projects or workshop and garage renovation tips, but I kind of view it is this food, clothes and fitness kind of a network. But the more I spend time on the platform, the more I’ve thought it has got to be usable for podcasting on the promotional side of things.

So I thought I’d reach out to a gal named Kathryn Moorhouse – she’s a self-proclaimed marketing lover and an obsessive planner. She sounds like my kind of person. Her entire business is dedicated to helping people grow and maximize their Pinterest following. So… I think we podcasters have got a lot to learn from Kathryn today.


Main Points : A Pinterest Strategy for Podcasting

  • [3:48] Pinterest is powerful because it’s a search engine (isn’t Kathryn’s accent great?)
  • [9:40] How Pinterest helps you know what keywords to use on your posts
  • [14:12] Good news: You can effectively start over on Pinterest if you’ve botched it up
  • [16:04] If you’ve never set up a free Pinterest account: here’s how to do it
  • [25:47] The power of pinning the same image multiple times over time
  • [29:45] Group boards: a powerful way to expose others to your content
  • [33:23] What makes for a good Pinterest image (size, what’s on it, best practices)?
  • [41:10] Templates can save your bacon when it comes to image creation
  • [43:07] What Kathryn does to help people make the most of Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform for promotion because it’s a search engine that focuses on evergreen content – which is exactly what podcast episodes are

Think about how you promote your podcast. Social media makes it easy – sort of – but it’s getting to be very crowded. But it is still true that visual content is what catches the attention of the people you’re trying to reach more than anything else. That means developing a Pinterest Strategy to make the most of the visual nature of the platform could be your ticket to getting new eyes on your content.

And keep in mind, Pinterest is an evergreen platform. That means that what you share today will be searchable for the keywords associated with it long into the future. So it could be like investing in something now for a tremendous return in the days ahead. It’s priceless. It is so easy for podcasters to actually put content out there in a way that is suitable for their ideal listeners.

Kathryn Moorhouse has lots to share about developing a Pinterest strategy for your podcast promotions, so be sure you take the time to listen to this episode.

Your ideal listener is searching Pinterest for inspiration, encouragement, ideas, or answers. How can you create a Pinterest strategy that offers what they are seeking?

When we create an episode of our podcast we usually have in mind how we believe the content we’re sharing will help those who listen. We have to think along that same line when we create promotional materials that we will use to distribute the show. Are ideal listener is looking for inspiration, encouragement, ideas, or answers. We got to figure out how to share the answers we have for them in a way that matches how they are seeking for it.

Kathryn Moorhouse Shares that people go to Pinterest for the very same reasons: encouragement, ideas, inspiration, or answers. But they are searching on a visual platform which means we podcasters have to think in terms different than recorded audio, which is what we are used to thinking. But never fear, Kathryn is here to help us. She’s got some great tips for using templates and free services like canva to make our social sharing faster, easier, and more effective on visual platforms like a Pinterest. Be sure you take the time to listen.

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