Podcast marketing – getting your show noticed by the audience you’re trying to reach – is a tough thing to figure out.

You don’t want to be the smarmy guy or gal who’s in every channel screaming, “Listen to my show! Listen to my Show! Listen to my Show!” – but you also don’t want to be guilty of a Field of Dreams approach that believes if you build it, listeners will come. It simply doesn’t work that way.

But – when you take podcasting seriously a lot of amazing things can happen. My guest today is proof of that – Kyle Bondo is a guy I met Kyle at DC podfest a couple of years ago when I was there to speak and we just hit it off. Kyle has focused on making excellent content and being helpful to the people he meets and its enabled him to market his podcast through the relationships and trust he’s built.

Kyle’s got a cool story that should be encouraging to anyone who wants a broader reach for their show. Hit the play button, would ya?

Main Points :

  • [2:20] Kyle’s podcast “Merchants of Dirt” and the story of building it
  • [4:10] The story of how GagglePod came to be
  • [7:22] The best feeling Kyle’s gotten from his efforts to help podcasters so far
  • [9:00] Reach a bigger audience with a podcasting strategy
  • [13:20] Content comes first, selling stuff comes second
  • [35:45] How GagglePod can help you (local to D.C. especially)

Your podcast can reach a bigger audience if you apply a specific strategy to what you do

One of the many lessons that Kyle Bondo has learned in the past three to four years as he’s been podcasting is that nothing really happens by accident. You have to plan and shoe towards something specific if results are going to come.

He’s written an excellent blog post on his Gaggle pod site that is about how to reach a bigger Audience by applying a very specific strategy to your podcast. It’s a podcast marketing approach that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as a marketing approach, but it makes total sense.

In this conversation Kyle and I chat about what it means to apply strategy to your podcast, all the way from the way that you producer episodes to the way you promote them to the audience you’re trying to reach. Kyle had some amazing insights for a guy who hasn’t been doing this very long and I know you’re going to like him, and the advice he has to share.

Great content needs to come first. Making money from your podcast has to come second

When you think about marketing your podcast there’s a foundational mindset that you should make sure is always part what motivates you to do Marketing in the first place. That mindset is this: great content needs to come first. Making money or bigger download numbers from your podcast has to come second.

Following that principal will enable you to care about the people who listen to your show first and foremost. It means you create incredible resources that truly benefit their lives and as a result, they turn to you for exactly what you have to offer them, paid or not.

It’s not wrong to make money from your podcast, and it’s not even Shady to have that as a motive behind the scenes of the interactions you’re having with people, but you need to genuinely care about them. There’s no human relationship in existence where you give benefits to the other and don’t get anything in return. It’s just a natural part of the way God made the universe to work.

Find out more about the way Kyle does this through his Gaggle pod meetups on this episode of podcast application.

Fast and easy doesn’t work when it comes to producing a quality podcast. Find out what it takes to make it happen the right way

we live in a culture that wants everything fast and easy. The problem is that fast and easy don’t create valuable, lasting, truly impacting things. You’ve got to put in the time and you’ve got to put in the effort to build something worthwhile.

When Kyle Bondo brought up this topic on this episode of the podcast he was speaking my language. I’ve been working hard to ensure that I’m doing more of the work required to add value that I am wishing for bigger results. The first thing leads to the second thing, and marking my podcast tirelessly won’t do a bit of good if my content isn’t worth Marketing in the first place.

You can learn what Kyle has learned as he’s built his podcasts from the ground up by listening to this great conversation. He’s a genuine guy you will learn a lot from.

Promotion of your podcast happens best when you answer questions, solve problems, THEN tell people about your podcast

If you want to Market your podcast effectively you need to first of all get into the communities where your ideal audience hangs out. But don’t jump in there and start screaming about your podcast. Stop to assess the situation and get to know the people involved in the conversations.

Answer questions, solve problems, help people with the things that are obstacles in their lives. When the time comes and if it’s appropriate, feel free to offer your podcast as a resource to help them, but only if and when it will help them. They don’t want to know how much knowledge you have until they know how much you care about them.

This is one of the main points Kyle Bondo drives home in the conversation we recorded for this episode and I hope you will take the time to listen to what he has to say. It’s proven to be true in his experience, and I can attest to the fact that it’s been true for me as well.

Don’t be that smarmy podcaster who’s interacting with people just to get them to do something YOU want. Care about people and genuinely offer help

You see people like this all the time in Social media communities you frequent – a guy or gal immediately starts talking about themselves, their podcast, their blog, their product, their everything, and everyone else is cringing under the barrage of self-oriented junk.

You don’t want to be that smarmy person because that’s Mari person is the person you don’t want to be around, right? So why would you do to others what you don’t want them to do to you?

Learn how to add value. Learn how to give before you get. And learn how to do it all by producing great content. That’s the best podcast marketing that exists and it comes through the genuineness of your efforts to be a benefit to others.

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