Are you experiencing the struggle to make time for your podcast?

You are definitely not alone. Perhaps the most common question I receive for appliance and others who find out that I am a podcast producer and Coach is how they can find time to actually do the work required to put out a great podcast.

There are no easy answers. I hope you’re not listening to this episode expecting that. But there are approaches you can take to the issue that can help you do better than you’re doing now, perhaps.

This episode is aimed at the podcaster who is working a full-time job while trying to build and grow a podcast audience. It’s my best tips for how to go about making the time for this thing you love called your podcast.

Main Points : Making The Time for Podcasting

  • [1:19] The reality of the time-crunch every podcaster faces and why YOU have to figure the issue out for you
  • [2:28] BACKGROUND: I started podcasting while I worked a full time job
  • [3:44] The elephant in the room: something is going to have to go – you have to decide
  • [7:09] The two options I’ve discovered: early morning and late evening
  • [9:12] Make it happen by starting small
  • [11:20] Applying these principles to different types of show formats
  • [15:59] The vital nature of getting your family on board – and my suggestions for how to do it
  • [18:00] Why you need to think through your own tendencies to put off your podcast

Almost everybody I know has more time than they think they have for the things that are important to them.

You may have heard that said already on other podcasts, and the reason you have is because it’s true. We all have the same amount of time in a given week, and some of us accomplish incredible amounts of stuff during that time while others don’t.

What’s the difference?

Obviously, it’s not that one of them has more time. It’s that they have learned what it takes to make the most of the time they do have.

This episode is not about productivity, that was episode 78 with Ari Meisel (so make sure you go back and listen to that one to get some great Automation and productivity tips.)This episode is focused more on helping you make the hard decisions you’re going to have to make in order to create the podcast that will fuel your vision and serve your audience at the same time.

You won’t do it by being lazy, and you can’t do it by making excuses. Somebody’s got to say it like it is, and I’m not shy about that sort of thing, so there you go.

Do yourself a favor of listening to this episode. Even if what I suggest doesn’t fit your situation exactly, it should get your creative juices flowing and your motivation going so that you can learn where in your schedule you can make the time to get your podcast produced and out there for your listeners to enjoy.

The ways I suggest you make time for your podcast are not a one-size-fits-all solution.

You may very well find out what I suggest on this episode doesn’t fit your circumstances. That’s fine, I don’t know your life so it is impossible for me to speak exactly to it. But the principles behind what I share apply across the board with no problem.

You have the time to do the things that are important to you. If that’s your podcast, then you have time to podcast.

My suggestions in this episode are examples of what it might look like for some people. So figure out what it looks like for you and make the adjustments necessary to produce that great podcast you envision when you first started.

You can do it. I know you can because I have seen hundreds of podcasters now who have done it. If they can, you can.

What about your family? Did they understand how important your podcast is to you?

One of the most important things about figuring out how to do your podcast week-to-week is making sure that the people in your family not only understand what a podcast is implying you are podcasting in the first place, they also need to be on board with you in making the room in your schedule for it to happen.

If you don’t make the time to have these kind of important conversations you will find yourself frustrated by the people you love the most, and you don’t want that.

In this episode is outline some of the important things you need to consider when having a conversation with your family about the commitment you’re making to your podcast journey. They don’t have the benefit of your enthusiasm and your knowledge about what a podcast could do for you or your audience. It’s your job to let them know.

Don’t shy away from having that conversation, even if you think it might be hard. In most cases, the benefits you derive from getting things out in the open and getting everyone on the same page are going to far outweigh the discomfort you feel when you initially start to talk about these things.

Your family wants to support you, and you need to go into the conversation believing that. Think the best of them and you’ll get a lot further then you would if you expect resistance.

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resources mentioned in this episode

  • SpeakPipe – a place you can receive recorded comments from your audience
  • You Can Book Me – the scheduling app I use. The free version is very powerful.

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