The best social media apps in the online space had better watch out. There’s a fairly new app on the scene that has integrated a TON of great features into its interface. It’s called eClincher and you need to know about it. (affiliate link)

What I love most about eClincher is that it enables you to reshare your older content – think podcast episodes from long ago – and keep it in front of the people who follow you on social media. And if you follow some great social media practices such as engaging with people and actually BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH THEM (imagine that), that following should be growing all the time – so people who never heard your old podcast episode in the first place are able to see it for the first time.

I believe eClincher is the best social media app for managing your social accounts that I’ve seen.

Another reason I say that is that eClincher integrates the inboxes of all your social accounts into their app so you can see your Facebook notifications, LinkedIn notifications, Twitter stuff, Pinterest (a new platform they added recently), and Google + all at the same time, on the same screen. It’s right there in eClincher, and you can interact with people easily via the app, saving you tons of time.

Gilad Salamander is my guest on this episode, highlighting his amazing social media management tool.

I think you’ll find Gilad a very generous guy, eager to help you make your social media marketing, promotion, and relationship building more effective in less time. That’s what eClincher is doing for me. I hope you find it to be the same way.

Just in case you’re interested – here’s my eClincher affiliate link again. (An affiliate link means I get a cut of your first month’s payment for sending you – but you pay the same you would normally pay). Thanks!

Outline of this episode

  • [1:23] The problem most podcasters have – old content getting lost – and how eClincher solves the problem.
  • [3:01] The social platforms eClincher can connect to – and the additional features.
  • [3:53] How eClincher republishes your older content – over and over and over.
  • [6:59] Understanding the power of using queues in the best social media app – eClincher.
  • [8:28] How you can curate content from eClincher – and add it to your queues.
  • [12:20] The unified social inbox to give you greater engagement and save time.
  • [17:07] How the custom search feeds help you monitor certain keywords.
  • [21:01] How you can connect with Gilad and eClincher.

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