Podcast subscribers are important people to us podcasters.

They are the ones who make the show possible – I mean, very few of us would be doing a podcast at all if we knew that absolutely ZERO people were listening to our shows. Right?

Because we all want to get more listeners we should be continually asking ourselves questions about how to go about getting in front of our ideal audience and how to get them to subscribe. One of the questions I often get from clients about getting more subscribers to their podcast is this?

In the things I say on my show and the links I share, should I be sending people to iTunes, to my website, or someplace else? Which is most effective?

That is an absolutely GREAT question.

On this episode (it’s a very short episode this week) I’m going to answer that question from my perspective after working with over 40 clients over the course of this business (we’ve been in business since early 2013) AND from how I see it as a podcaster.

I’ll give you a hint… my answer begins with… IT DEPENDS

Click the play button to find out what I recommend for getting more podcast subscribers… or maybe I recommend that subscribers are not your best goal.

Curious yet? It will take less than 6 minutes of your day. I promise.

here’s and outline of this fun episode for you…

  • [1:19] A question from one of my clients: Where should I send people when I’m promoting my podcast episodes?
  • [2:01] Is more podcast subscribers your most important goal?
  • [2:51] What about promoting your brand? Are you trying to get more buy-in to your stuff?
  • [4:18] A hack to aim at BOTH at the same time?
  • [4:41] What about Stitcher, iHeart radio, and others?

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