Libsyn has been around for a very long time…

since 2004 to be exact – and has carved out it’s own massive space in the podcast industry. Hosting and delivering media files for some of the most popular and lucrative podcasts in history like Mark Maron, The Nerdist, and Dan Carlin’s Hard Core History, Libsyn is definitely the big dog in the media hosting backyard!

I’ve known about Libsyn for a long time. Heck, I’ve worked with the Libsyn interface for over 3 years now since about 90% of my clients are hosting their files on Libsyn. But it wasn’t until this interview that I fully understood some of the amazing things I can do for my podcast using the Libsyn interface.

  • Automated social media sharing
  • I can create premium content to sell in a membership style arrangement
  • Affordable smartphone apps for my podcast
  • Publish to multiple destinations and keep stats on each one individually

And the list goes on…

Today’s show features Rob Walch, a newly inducted member of the Podcasters Hall of Fame and a very gracious guy to come on my humble show. Rob is the voice of Libsyn, serving as the Podcaster relations guy. In his words…

“I have the best job in the world. I get to talk to podcasters all day.”

Check out the outline below to see what we talk about on this episode… it truly is a DEEP DIVE into all the wonderful things you can do with your podcast when you host your files with Libsyn.

For a long time I’ve tried to experiment on my own shows to be able to talk from experience about how various platforms and options work. As a result, I’m currently hosting my media files in all sorts of places (you don’t want to know) . But in this conversation I was so impressed with the incredible things Libsyn has to offer, I’m in the process of switching my files over to Libsyn for good.

I know you’re going to be amazed by at least one thing on this episode. And I almost guarantee you that even if you already host your files on Libsyn, you’re going to learn something you didn’t know.

Here goes… enjoy this one with Rob Walch.

here’s an outline of this fun episode for you…

  • [1:19] My introduction and welcome chat with Rob Walch.
  • [1:50] The summary of what I’m talking about with Rob.
  • [2:40] Did you know that Libsyn is a blogging platform?
  • [6:20] What is a download-only file supposed to be used for?
  • [7:52] Adding new content to the LIbsyn interface.
  • [8:43] Episode level bonus content – WHAT?!!!???
  • [11:07] Does the Libsyn website create a duplicate content penalty with Google?
  • [13:00] What populates your iTunes feed for your episodes – and what’s the best way to optimize for user experience?
  • [14:49] You do NOT want to run your feed through your WordPress site!
  • [17:13] Episode specific bells and whistles you can create!
  • [21:08] Do you need to insert tags and keywords on your episodes?
  • [24:05] A little known fact about your content ratings in iTunes.
  • [26:15] How to publish to social media automatically through the Libsyn interface. Really.
  • [33:06] Extra tags, TV ratings, etc.
  • [35:39] How Libsyn can provide you a customized app for your podcast.
  • [38:26] Get into Google Play Music and iHeart Radio – through Libsyn.
  • [41:15] Social media integrations in Libsyn.
  • [45:11] Learn about how Libsyn’s STATS are the best!
  • [47:52] How Libsyn can monetize your podcast for you.

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