I’m talking today with Tim from Ringer.

Ringr is one of the first apps available to do recordings native from each side of a distance conversation, but until now it’s only been available as a smart phone or smart device app.

But no more.

Ringr is now available in a desktop version, which is very cool because that makes it possible now for podcasters or broadcasters of any stripe to record a distance conversation with the ability to include their entire recording “chain” – their own mic, their own mixer, their own processors, etc.

As you can tell, that’s a great asset to anyone doing a show where quality is of concern. My conversation with Tim today centers around the new desktop app.

We chat about:

  • How the desktop app differs from the smartphone app.
  • What you’re able to do with the new desktop app.
  • The varying accounts you can get for Ringr.
  • What the service costs (and there IS a free version).
  • The affiliate program Ringr is offering.
  • What Ringr has in store in terms of future upgrades.
  • The “enterprise level” subscription they are working on.
  • How you can get Ringr and try it out for free.

It’s a great, short little conversation where Tim gives us the clear lowdown on a great option for recording conversations over distance. I think you’ll find something very helpful in this one.



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