Is it a good idea to publish more than one podcast show at the same time?

Should you produce multiple podcast shows at once?

To some of you the idea sounds really exciting.

To others, you think I’m crazy even to ask the question.

Maybe “crazy” is the right word, because…

I have to admit that this particular episode of the podcast is purely a selfish endeavor. That’s because I’ve been considering starting a second podcast or maybe even a third.

I’ve got all these ideas banging around my head, and I wanted to talk to someone who has actually done it and has learned the hard lessons and has good ideas about how to avoid the pitfalls.


I invited Daniel J. Lewis of “The Audacity To Podcast” onto the show today.

Daniel is not only an experienced podcaster in his own right, but for this conversation what mattered most is that Daniel has produced and is currently producing multiple shows at the same time.

He’s the kind of guy I wanted to chat with about this issue.

On this episode you’ll be hearing:

  • Daniel’s journey into podcasting.
  • The launch of a second show and the mistakes he learned from.
  • His recommendations for making the launch of a second show as good as it can be.
  • Pitfalls to avoid.
  • The benefits of producing more than one podcast at a time.

This was a very interesting conversation, especially for me since I’m considering a couple of new shows (yes, I’ll let you know what those are in the days ahead).

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