One of the things I HATE about podcasting is that my episodes might have a good run of listens when they’re first released…

And then they seem to drop off the face of the earth. I’ve come to realize that the content I’m creating deserves a longer life-span than that. And it’s up to me to make sure it continues to add value to the lives of the audience I’m trying to serve.

In this episode of Podcastification I’m going to explain how I go about using social media, and social media management systems to schedule out my content in a way that keeps it breathing long after the initial “splash” of it’s publication date. It’s not a perfect system and I’m still working out things every week, but I believe it will help you.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Contact me with your tips, tricks and suggestions about reviving your old podcast content. Carey (at) PodcastFastTrack (dot) com.

And if you’re a social media expert who knows how to make this stuff work incredibly well, contact me. I’d love to feature you on the show! 

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