Libsyn is one of the biggest names in podcast hosting. WordPress is one of the biggest names in websites.

Put them together and what have you got? A great combination of experience, efficiency, and effectiveness in getting your podcast audio out to the world.

But most of you know that.

Most podcasters who host their media files on Libsyn upload their file, add the title and description fields, and then publish the episode, grab the link, and insert it into their WordPress site.

That’s great. It works great. No problems.

However, if you’re doing it that way you might have noticed that you’re essentially posting your content twice – once to Libsyn, then you copy the download link and paste it in on your WordPress site along with another copy of your show notes or blog post?

As I said, that’s great. It works great. No problems.

But what would it do for your workflow if I told you about a way you could publish once on Libsyn, and not even have to touch your WordPress site – and the content would publish there automatically?

For me, a solution like that would cut out an entire step and save me 5 to 10 minutes PER PODCAST EPISODE!

That’s exactly what Libsyn has created with what they call their “On Publish” solution.

The good folks over at Libsyn have created a way that you can publish your entire blog post or show notes on their site, using the Libsyn interface and it will transfer directly to your WordPress blog when you hit “publish.”

  • You can include images using a link from an external site (your website media library?) – and they will transfer over to your WP site.
  • You can include clickable links – and they will transfer to your WP site intact.
  • You can have it post to your WordPress site in “draft” status or according to a scheduled date and time.
  • The post will also include the Libsyn player of your choice (Legacy, standard, or standard mini), customized to the size you want.
  • And I even did an experiment using a the shortcode for the “Tweet This” plugin that I have installed on my WordPress site. Inserted the shortcode in my Libsyn post just like I would on my WordPress site (which requires you know the shortcode), and it worked beautifully.

Almost every function you have within the WordPress dashboard can be set up in Libsyn so that when the post publishes on your WordPress site, it’s just like you want it.

How do you set this up within your Libsyn account?

It’s a bit to involved for me to walk through every step of it in this episode, but I’ll tell you that it is done through the “Destinations” section of the Libsyn interface, and you’ll have to install an additional plugin to make the player render properly on your site.

But I don’t want to leave you in that kind of a lurch, so I’m going to point you to a great video tutorial the folks at Libsyn have created to walk you through this amazing feature.


One little disclaimer…

Though all this sounds wonderful in terms of time savings, and it is… it will require some front-end work on your part.

If you’re using Blubrry PowerPress to generate your feed you’ll have to switch to the Libsyn feed entirely for the OnPublish option to work properly. The Libsyn support team will happily walk you through that process. You can contact them at support (AT)

You will also need to set up what is known as a “301 redirect” which tells iTunes and the other directories that come looking for your old podcast feed, to go get it from Libsyn. Again, when you get to that step, the Libsyn team will be delighted to help you out. support (at)

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