Remote recording for interviews and the like has always been a bit tricky and the platforms that provide recording of this type are always trying to improve.

2022 brings us a lot of contenders for the title of “best remote recording platform.”

This episode is a handful of recordings of me and my right-hand audio-man, Aaron as we test out the top 11 platforms. You’re going to hear about…

  • Boomcaster
  • Cast
  • Cleanfeed
  • Clearcast
  • Iris
  • Remotely
  • Riverside
  • Squadcast
  • Welder
  • Zencastr
  • Zoom

And we also tried Ringr, which has been around for some time but we got so frustrated trying to get it to work that we dropped the attempt. It could have been a bad day (for both of us?) but we made the call not to move forward with that portion of the recording and moved on.


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