Daniel J. Lewis has been building authority in the podcasting space since 2010.

That’s when the very first episode of his show (a podcast about podcasting) “The Audacity to Podcast.” You can hear it here.

Daniel has already been podcasting for about three years when I first came across his content and I can’t express the number of ways he’s helped me personally, both through his content and via personal email interactions we’ve had together.

He’s a regular guy who is as genuine in real life as he seems on his show.

THIS episode featuring Daniel J. Lewis features the story of how Daniel has used his podcast as a launching pad for SERVICES-based businesses – from website development to plugin development, to podcast consulting, Daniel has tried his hand at a wide variety of things — with varying levels of success. On this episode he shares…

▷ His path into podcasting from a job he loved

▷ How he built authority in a niche that was new to him

▷ Choosing from the wide variety of income models

▷ The power of perseverance in finding what fits you

I hope you take the time to listen. Daniel doesn’t hold back and if you apply what he shares, you’ll move WAY forward in your attempts to monetize your show.

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