Glenn Hebert…

is one of those guys who saw the value and power of podcasting early on. His “Horse Radio Network” has been in the podcasting game for a long, long time as a result.

I wanted to chat with Glenn about monetization because he’s done it well — he and his wife both work full-time for their little media company and have recurring sponsorships for their shows that are long-standing.

How does that kind of thing happen? That’s what I wanted to know.

Glenn is quick to point out that his audience (horse owners) are an obsessive bunch (his words). They are eager and willing to spend lots of money on their horse hobby, so he’s got a bit of a built-in “buyer’s market” in his niche.

But the principles he shares are applicable just the same.

Listen to this episode to hear the story of how the HRN came about, how Glenn started monetizing, what the income is like now, and how he recommends you go about doing the same thing in your niche.

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