Podcasting success comes in all shapes and sizes… and in any niche area you can think of.

This episode is a case-study of sorts and focuses on a very specific niche podcast and the impact its had on it’s creator — Mark Goldman.

Mark is an accountant, and a recruiter for the accounting industry. His businesses help others succeed in the accounting field and help companies in need of a good accountant, find one.

So why did Mark think it was a good idea to start a podcast for the recruitment side of his business? Because he was looking for a way to make his voice heard in the industry and serve his audience of incoming accountants and business clients.

But here’s the funny part, Mark barely knew that podcasts even existed when he was introduced to the idea. When he found out about it, did some homework, and realized it might be a good content creation option for his company, he dove in.

In this conversation, Mark shares his mistakes, his frustrations, his dashed expectations, and what he’s learned along the way. And as powerfully as any guest I’ve had on the show, Mark drops some gold nuggets about mindset, financing your podcast, revenue generation, and more.

You’re going to love Mark’s unassuming manner and humble demeanor. But more than that, you’re going to love the powerful concepts and mindsets he has to share about making your podcast a success, even if it’s in a very small niche.

Take the time to listen. You can thank me later.

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