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No doubt, marketing and promotion of your podcast, with a goal toward growing your audience with the RIGHT listeners, is a very difficult task. I know because I get questions about it from clients all the time.

Are you struggling with the same issues? Dollars to donuts you are…

Jeremy Enns has made a study of successful podcasters VS not-so-successful podcasters and he’s found a handful of things those on the plus side of the equation are doing that the others are not — even though it looks like the same thing from the outside.

In this conversation, we cover all this stuff

  • Jeremy’s first podcast – an R-rated, Local Ice Cream Review show… really
  • Lessons learned from a co-hosted show (tech and intrapersonal)
  • How Jeremy created his podcast business and began specializing in marketing
  • 5 out of 10 clients were growing their shows effectively. Jeremy’s deep-dive
  • Why you have to view the purpose of your podcast differently to be successful
  • Jeremy’s view of marketing in general — and podcasting specifically
  • What the successful 50% of Jeremy’s clients were actually doing
  • Generative Marketing is Jeremy’s superpower — what IS it?
  • A magic question: “What would make my show something you can’t wait to share?”
  • Are you posting about your show on social in a way that is “me-me-me” centric?
  • Providing value on social media even WITHOUT links back to your stuff (be generous)
  • Think of your podcasting skill like that of learning a new instrument

Get Into Jeremy’s Podcast Marketing Course ASAP Before It Fills Up! (Affiliate Link)



  • Smart Passive Income Podcast from Pat Flynn (one of my early influences too)
  • All things Seth Godin are worth your time and money and… well, whatever you want to invest.
  • Seth Godin’s podcast: Akimbo (I listen to this one, too)

Get Into Jeremy’s Podcast Marketing Course ASAP Before It Fills Up! (Affiliate Link)

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