Watering My Wife’s Plants

She asked me to SATURATE some of them… what does that mean? It means entirely soak them… cover them… overwhelm them with water!

This episode is about THAT, for your podcast. Here are some of the best ways to do it

Syndication (platforms) – my list of “how to” instructions: https://podcastfasttrack.com/podcast-directories-2018-2019-get-submitted/

This is Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, etc. – use my list above to get your show on all the platforms you can!

Social sharing / promotion

  • Platform appropriate frequencies
  • Your content and OTHER’s content
  • co-schedule shares how often to share on each platform: https://coschedule.com/blog/how-often-to-post-on-social-media
  • Do it the RIGHT way (Jeremy Enns upcoming episode) – empathy and generosity
  • TRULY HELPFUL approach
  • ALWAYS include a link back to the full episode (1st comment?)

Other methods

  • Your audience (requires you have a GREAT show they want to share)
  • Ask them to share specifically (pause, ask, resume)
  • Emails to your list asking for shares periodically
  • Other people’s social
  • Mention other accounts related to your episode (at mention tag)
  • Libsyn does a “Promote the tar out of yourself” Friday post – join the fun! https://twitter.com/libsyn and https://www.facebook.com/libsyn
  • Tag Apple about your show (with a link to your show ON their platform) and maybe they’ll help you promote! https://twitter.com/iTunesPodcasts and https://twitter.com/ApplePodcasts
  • Guests should help you promote their episode, but don’t always. Here are tips to help you help them help you. 🙂
  • Trade magazines or publications/websites/media
  • Requires scrappiness and hustle
  • VA could do with the right instructions (but avoid being SPAMMY)
  • Appropriately leverage relationships / groups
  • Find journalist emails – send articles / pitch ideas



  • Image of my square card
  • TELL people that you podcast
  • Share a card with those interested
  • Leave them in appropriate places (bulletin boards)
  • With your check when you pay your dinner bill



Don’t let episodes die – repost them to social, etc.


How did Apple and IBM and Tesla and General Electric become household names?

  • Great products/services
  • SATURATION (their job)

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