Before we get into STEP 4 can I remind you that these steps will do no good unless you dedicate yourself to applying them?

You are doing that, right? If not – are you planning a way to make it happen in the near future? Nothing could impact the long-term success of your podcast like nailing this.

STEP FOUR: Consistency / Frequency

I can’t think of anything more consistent than TIME itself, can you?

It ticks away, second after second, never stopping, never relenting.

It’s why age is a thing. It’s why memory and goal-setting even exist.

Time is one of the unavoidable constants of life… and your podcasting efforts need to take FULL advantage of it.

You want to do your very best to publish your podcast content in a consistent manner – for ONE MAIN REASON:

  • Your audience will trust you more, the more consistent you are with your content

That’s important. You want to be as reliable as the sunrise for the sake of your listeners.

But let’s be honest – it’s hard to do. Impossible at times.


My podcast publication schedule has been less than consistent at times.

I have a few shows that are on a semi-permanent-but-hopefully-returning status for some time.

That’s because life happens. Things come up. Things you can’t control or change.

Yes, you’ll hear podcasters who honestly say, “I haven’t missed an episode in 5 years.”

Good for them. Really. I’m not bitter. 😉

But I have to wonder how many of those episodes were either not all that good OR were only so-so in terms of quality, simply because they felt bound to get an episode out.

I’d rather produce content that serves my audience well than produce mediocre stuff just to meet a self-imposed deadline. How about you?

THIS is an issue you’ll have to decide for yourself. More on that in a bit…

My tips for being consistent…

  • Don’t over commit yourself in the first place

While weekly may be best (it’s arguable) it may not be possible. Choose a publication schedule you are 95% sure you’ll be able to stick with and do it consistently.

  • Consider your industry/niche

Some industries or niches may not appreciate a weekly podcast as much as others, for a variety of reasons. Think this one through. It’s a thing.

  • Batch record

If you can set aside one day to record 4 or 5 episodes at once, you’ll have a backlog that will help you avoid missing a publication date.

It requires planning and hard work. But it can be done. It’s how John Lee Dumas started Entrepreneur on Fire and kept it up for so long. Learn from his example.

  • Get help

A co-host, a VA (virtual assistant), a spouse, a teenager in your home – these are just some of the people you can tap to help you do things. You could delegate posting, editing, artwork creation – lots of things. Don’t believe the lie that you have to do everything.

  • Make a decision and stick to it

A commitment to yourself is just as important as the commitments you make to others. So make a wise decision about publication frequency and stick to it – as you would to other commitments you make (job, spouse, meetings, etc.)

  • Cut yourself slack when life happens

Sometimes, life just gets in the way and you’ll find it IMPOSSIBLE to stick to your schedule. It’s happened to me. It will likely happen to you.

A guilt-induced zealot would push themselves to publish anyway. A person guided by wisdom would weigh the decision in light of other things that may be more important.

When life happens, my encouragement is that you act wisely, not out of guilt. Do what’s best for you, your family, and your audience – in that order.

You’ll thank me later.

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