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OK, you’re working that “awareness” piece from the last installment, right? Be sure you go back and start there if you’re not.

It’s time for STEP TWO of my Niche Domination Formula. Here it is:

Quality / Helpfulness

This one is best illustrated by talking about movies.

There are only two reasons I can think of that people talk about particular movies.

1. It was really good

2. It was really bad

And then in the middle are the MILLIONS of movies that nobody is talking about because they are just “so-so.” Right?

The same is true of podcasts

You want people to be talking about your podcast – but for the RIGHT reason… because it’s truly GREAT content!

That “greatness” exists in either quality or helpfulness – but preferably both.


Quality has to do with the experience your listeners have as your episode comes through their ear(buds).

There are a handful of words (and opposing words) that help us dial this one in. Your show may not be all of these, but it should be some…

Is your podcast…

  • Pleasant? (as opposed to painful to listen to)
  • Creative? (as opposed to more of the same)
  • Deep? (as opposed to skimming the surface of your topics)
  • Original? (as opposed to saying what everyone else says)
  • Moving? (as opposed to emotionally uninspiring)
  • Revealing? (as opposed to guarded or inhibited)
  • Engaging? (as opposed to boring, uninteresting)
  • Provocative? (as opposed to bland, unsurprising)
  • Helpful? (Oh, wait… that deserves its own section, later…)

All of these are possible for your show, but you’ve got to decide which ones you’re going to make a hallmark of your show.

Will you focus on creativity through the sounds you use, the way you mix music, and the perspectives you bring to your topics?


Will you find guests that are not the run-of-the-mill talking heads, people who bring fresh perspectives that truly help your listeners?

There’s no one-size-fits-all for this issue – and you’ve got to decide what you can manage, both in terms of your expertise and in terms of the time you have to devote to your podcast.

But know this: If your podcast is not high quality, NOBODY will be talking about it. That means your growth-curve will be slow, slow, slow… and you will NEVER dominate your niche.


One of the most powerful ways your podcast can be a high-quality show in your niche is by being ultra helpful.

I think that’s one of the reasons Pat Flynn’s show “Smart Passive Income” appeals to so many people. He works hard to make it super helpful, super practical.

So you have to ask yourself, “What does MY particular audience need?”

Your answer could come in the form of the pains they experience, the struggles they have, or the desires they have that are not fulfilled.

Once you know that answer – you have the opportunity to fill the void – to be the one who provides the helpful content that perfectly fits what they are looking for.

Amazing things happen when you meet somebody’s need. They become TREMENDOUSLY appreciative.

They sometimes reach out to tell you so.

They often tell others about what you did to help them. 

Hey look, people are talking about your podcast in the RIGHT way – because it’s so good.

This may sound overly-simplistic, but it really is that simple.

But simple doesn’t mean easy.

You’ve got to do the work to figure out…

WHO your audience is.

WHAT kind of quality they are looking for.

HOW you can best help them.

Step number three coming next time…

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