You’ll benefit from listening to this episode if you…

>> Feel like you don’t always fit in

>> Have something to say that is important, but you don’t know exactly how to say it

>> Are looking for a way to use the gifts you’ve been given to help others

>> Aren’t afraid of exploring your talents and how they might be used to add value to the lives of others

>> Are (finally) OK being the outsider and are willing to help other outsiders

>> Are a woman podcaster who is eager to find your “tribe”

“Do you think everyone SHOULD podcast?”

“No! Nooo!!”

That’s not what you’d expect to be the very first thing you hear on a podcast episode that’s trying to help you learn how to podcast (or do it better).

But it is… because that’s just WHO my guest on this episode is – Jessica Kupferman.

Jess has an amazing story, one that inspires anyone who will take the time to listen with the belief that THEY can do it too. That’s because Jessica is a real-world person who has taken on podcasting with both hands.

Click the play button now – and get to know Jessica and the work she’s doing to help women podcasters around the world to stand up, speak up, and get their message out to change the world.

Connect with Jessica at:

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