Every podcast success story is a bit different – because the person who has experienced it has walked a different path to get TO a place of success. It isn’t a bed of roses – or maybe it is – because that would be REALLY thorny – and it’s never simple or complicated. And for most, our journey toward becoming a podcaster begins WAY BACK in the early days of life.

That’s how it was for Darla Powell. 

When she was young, she loved the creative things in life. By the time she graduated high school she had no clue what to do with her natural interests. So she dove into the first real opportunity to come along and stayed with it for 18 years.

EIGHTEEN YEARS of doing something she wasn’t in love with. Sometimes it’s necessary – and Darla is the first to acknowledge the benefits her career in law enforcement provided, but she’s still quick to say that she never was truly excited about it. So how did she make the transition into something she loved, something that harkened back to her early days as a kid? You’ll have to listen to find out.

But I’ll tell you this – it involves a growing sense of agitation toward law enforcement country-wide AND a mid-life crisis. Darla’s story is a GREAT story. You’re going to enjoy hearing how she made the transition from cop to interior designer and how her podcast played a major role in making it all happen.



Here’s how this one shakes out…


  • [0:04] Do you remember the pivotal time we call “high school graduation?”
  • [5:38] Growing up in Florida and loving the creative side of life – YET she became a cop
  • [8:30] Darla was forced to rethink the path she was on after 18 years
  • [10:05] The first interior design gig – and a new path forward opened up
  • [13:06] Questions to ask to help you find a new business opportunity


  • [19:44] The story behind this narrative style of podcast production


  • [24:01] What makes Darla so good at social media (her tips for you)
  • [26:07] Podcasters – be yourself!
  • [29:58] How podcasting enables the incredible results it does
  • [36:28] Darla’s tips for podcasters and those considering becoming a podcaster

If you know someone whose story would make a great PODCASTER STORY episode, feel free to make that introduction.

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