Successful people never get there overnight. Nick’s story is no different

Nick Loper is a regular guy, if you’ve ever met him, you know just how true that is. He’s humble, unassuming, and doesn’t immediately strike you as the Dynamo that he really is.

What’s his secret? I’m not sure what he’d say, but I believe it’s this: He’s smart, ambitious, and he knows how to work hard. That’s a

combination that makes for great potential.

This episode tells Nick’s story – of side hustling his way through college, trying out things to see what worked, following some very good advice his college room mate gave him, and then pivoting to start this thing called a podcast.

For him, podcasting worked out – tremendously. In just 3 years he replaced the salary he was earning from his corporate job after graduating. And he’s learned a LOT about creating a successful podcast along the way.

This episode is the first of many “storytelling” episodes to come – where I feature podcasters who have experienced tremendous success that is directly tied to their podcasting efforts. I couldn’t think of anyone better to start with than Nick. I hope you enjoy hearing how hard work and persistence paid off for him.



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founder of the Side Hustle Show

And download Nick’s “BEAST” of a guide to side hustle income here.


Things Nick shared on this episode

  • What happens when you step through doorways of opportunity
  • Learning eCommerce stuff from a marketing internship
  • Pivoting into podcasting: learning stuff the hard way
  • How Nick build his initial audience, how he grows it now
  • Sponsorships: How they really work and how to structure the deal
  • How to know when you should quit podcasting and when to keep going
  • How to make the most of The Listener Pyramid

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