Have you noticed? iTunes has been having problems lately.

It’s not JUST that it’s now supposed to be called “Apple Podcasts” – and we’re all strongly encouraged to make that change yesterday – even though Apple’s own systems still say “iTunes” in multiple places (even in some URLs).

There’s are many more iTunes problems going on.

This episode isn’t meant to be snarky – just informative. You need to know about issues relating to the Big-A so you can do what’s needed for YOUR podcast.

This episode I dig into the facts about recent issues and the best-practices I’ve learned (so far) regarding iTunes / Apple Podcasts


  • [1:21] The is a multi-part episode within an episode. Don’t give up too soon
  • [2:31] The switch from iTunes to Apple Podcasts: best-practices for podcasters
  • [5:03] Show and episode titles: The ban-hammer is coming DOWN!
  • [13:04] An example of the difficulty Apple’s naming policy causing
  • [16:59] The iTunes/Apple Podcasts directory is not updating properly
  • [21:50] Podcasts Connect exists and is very helpful to YOU
  • [26:59] The glitchy nature of the iTunes apps: desktop and iOS
  • [29:59] Why we indie podcasters owe a debt of gratitude to Apple


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