Tell Better Stories? Really?

But Carey – I publish a business oriented show. What’s that got to do with me?


All of us tell stories, all day long. Just listen to the conversations going on around you during the course of any normal day. As human beings we LOVE stories. It’s why the movie industry and the publishing industry and the television industries are even in existence.

Those are STORY industries.

On this episode I want to open the door to an idea – one you likely haven’t thought of before.

YOUR podcast can be and should be full of stories too

But most of us don’t think of ourselves as storytellers. But we are. We are podcast storytellers.

For this episode I decided to chat with a friend of mine, Jonathan Messinger – a podcaster and storyteller for kids. His podcast, “The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian” is a great example of what can be done to leverage storytelling to its fullest… and not just for kids. Stick around and hear how integrating more story into your podcast could make a huge difference. 



  • [1:26] Who is Jonathan and why did he start a kid’s storytelling podcast?
  • [4:90] Making his storytelling fit the podcasting format
  • [9:16] How music plays into the impact of a fiction podcast
  • [12:02] The original idea of Jonathan’s story idea and how it has morphed
  • [14:01] Jonathan’s son, Griffin serves as his content editor and kid’s voice for the show
  • [17:42] A taste of “The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian” (clip from the show)
  • [20:44] What goes into the production of a mult-sound clip like you just heard
  • [26:30] Podcast storytelling: What Jonathan has learned about the power of stories
  • [33:48] How Jonathan drives audience participation and WHY he does
  • [38:48] Sound effects and music: engagement tips to make your show more impacting
  • [40:45] Jonathan’s tips for getting better audience feedback and interaction
  • [44:05] Jonathan’s role as part of GenZ media




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