For a VERY long time Android users have not had a native podcasting app – and Google Podcasts is trying to make that problem a thing of the past.


I just hope these first steps that I’m going to tell you about in this episode/video are something they follow up on diligently.

My hopes for this episode and its accompanying video (find it here: is that people who use Android devices and have never listened to podcasts before will begin to make use of Google Podcasts.

So stick around – I’m going to show you how to use Google Podcasts step by step – and give you my opinion of how it compares to the other podcast apps that have been around for a long time.


  • [1:56] Get started with Google Podcasts via a Google search – look for the play buttons
  • [2:53] What should you do if your show is not available in Google Podcasts?
  • [3:20] Checking out the app for the first time – download from Google Play Store
  • [6:41] Podcast recommendations in the app and how you can subscribe to them
  • [7:45] Keyword searching in the app – it works somewhat… maybe
  • [10:10] Subscribe to a podcast and tweak podcast settings using Google Podcasts
  • [14:00] Text links don’t appear in the app – you need the http:// or https://
  • [17:48] Is Google Podcasts an app worth trying?
  • [19:06] Why is the icon not native on the home screen? It’s about the Android ecosystem


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