Podcast Success is not accidental.

It happens through deliberate strategy and dedicated hard work.

Danny “Sunshine” Bauer is a former educator and administrator turned life and leadership coach. His podcast is downloaded more than 95% of all podcasts and he enjoys helping individuals launch and grow podcasts in a “sweat” environment.

He is the founder of Better Leaders Better Schools and facilitates weekly Masterminds with school leaders from around the globe. A teacher at heart, he also coaches small business owners in running profitable ventures clearly aligned to vision, mission, and values.

On this episode of Podcastification, Danny and I chat about the success he’s experienced with his podcast and how YOU can work toward the same kind of results he has experienced.

[1:12] Amazing success for Danny’s education focused podcast

[5:45] The tactics Danny followed to launch his podcast effectively

[8:05] Relational skills aid in the promotion of any podcast, no matter the niche

[10:00] How a mastermind played a part in Danny’s podcast success

[20:23] What is the best way to find your specific audience?

[23:36] The power of providing free stuff that adds tremendous value to users

[26:42] Getting past the “hard work” hurdle (none of this is easy)

[30:11] How to decide what to work on that will provide tremendous value

[34:06] How Danny delivers his free resources (the tech behind it)

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